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You certainly enjoyed both The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Both of them were undeniably impressive in their own distinct way. However, you will be astounded once you perceive the following things that these movies have in common.

The Heroes

The personalities of the main characters of both movies are surprisingly similar. Star-Lord from GOTG is an American who is from a different time and place like Captain America. Both Peter and Cap are leaders of their respective teams. Not to mention the actors playing them are both named Chris. Rocket is a tech-genius who is always over-confident like Tony Stark. Drax is a guy who doesn’t understand the customs of other people sort of like Thor. Groot and Hulk are the muscles of their groups. Black Widow and Gamora are assassins dressed in leather who can’t be truly trusted. And finally, Hawkeye and Yondu both use arrows as their primary weapon. So y’see, the characters in both movies have a lot in similar.

The Villains

The villain in The Avengers is Loki, who wants to invade planet Earth with the help of a dark faceless army. He is working for Thanos and has an infinity stone embedded with a hand-held weapon. Well, guess what…Ronan, the villain from GOTG, wants to assault planet Xandar using a dark faceless army. He too, is working for Thanos and has a hand-held weapon with an infinity stone embedded into it. Still not satisfied? Well, both of them are blue in color. Loki is basically a Frost Giant thus his natural form is blue.

Pretty Much Everything Else

The scenes from these movies are quite similar too. The heroes have a shot somewhere around the final battle, where the crews can be seen standing in a circle.The heroes fight each other first before uniting to take down the bad guys. Also, a total of two battles take place between the main villain and our heroes. Both, Loki and Ronin escape in the first clash, but are badly defeated in the second.

"They got my dick message."-Peter
"They got my dick message."-Peter

Furthermore, the NYC police force helps the Avengers during the final conflict under the orders of their leader – Captain America. Their job was to protect the citizens of the city. Pretty much alike, the Xandarian Nova pilots help the Guardians after receiving a call from their leader – Peter Quill. Their main priority is to guard the Xandarian people too.

Thus, there is a lot of similitude between the two Marvel movies.


Do you know any other similarities?


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