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Growing up, my favorite cartoon was always Rugrats. Even though the main characters were just babies, I always enjoyed seeing the shenanigans they would get into. I would always wonder why the parents never noticed the screwdriver in Tommy's diaper or the bugs and lollipops in the twins' diapers. But the storylines were always creative and the babies had the wildest imaginations.

Here are 11 of the best episodes from the Rugrats, enjoy!

11. The Inside Story - Season 2, Episode 12

What it's about: While eating a slice of watermelon, Chuckie accidentally swallows a seed when Grandpa Lou pats his back. Afraid that a watermelon will grow inside of his stomach, the babies shrink in size to retrieve the seed before it's too late.

When I first saw this episode, I was legitimately afraid of eating watermelon because I believed one could really grow inside of me.

10. Angelica Breaks a Leg - Season 3, Episode 7

What it's about: While away on a business meeting, Drew and Charlotte leave Angelica with Stu and Didi. However, when no one pays her any attention, Angelica fakes breaking her leg and causes mayhem for Stu and Didi.

The best scene of this episode is when Stu is woken up at 3am because Angelica decides she wants chocolate pudding. But there's no pudding and the only store open at 3am had only a packet of pudding mix. Didi comes downstairs and asks Stu what he's doing up so late. He responds, "Because I've lost control of my life." Angelica is such a brat, it's hilarious!

9. No More Cookies - Season 3, Episode 24

What it's about: After getting a terrible stomach ache from eating too many cookies, Angelica vows to never eat cookies again. But slowly she starts to realize that she's always loved cookies and can't just give them up that easily.

This is one of my favorite episodes because we get to see Angelica as a baby. Her first word was "cookie," and she took her first steps when she saw a plate of cookies. She is so funny in this episode, she seemed like she was going through withdrawals. And then, when she finally gets the cookies, she doesn't care that they fell into a bucket of soapy water at all.

8. The Family Tree - Season 5, Episode 12

What it's about: Chaz decides to create a family tree, which causes the babies to think that they come from trees. Chuckie and Tommy eventually assume that they're brothers because they have the same interests. Meanwhile, Didi and Stu are celebrating their fifth year anniversary on a cruise in Mexico.

This episode was sort of like a preliminary episode to The Rugrats Movie because we find out that Didi is pregnant after she and Stu think she's seasick. How could they not tell the difference?

Quote: Angelica to the babie: "Sometimes I wish I could be you, so I could be friends with me."

7. Meet The Carmichaels - Season 2, Episode 18

What it's about: The Pickles get new neighbors: The Carmichaels. Tommy gets to know the youngest sibling, Susie, while the parents get to know each other.

I love this episode for obvious reasons. Susie is definitely my favorite character on Rugrats because she never put up with Angelica's BS. She always defends the babies and is probably the most liked person around. I also felt like Tommy always had a small crush on Susie. I mean, c'mon, why wouldn't he?

6. Angelica's Worst Nightmare - Season 3,Episode 21

What it's about: After taking a pregnancy test, Charlotte announces she might be pregnant again. So of course Angelica imagines what life would be like with a little brother—her worst nightmare.

Angelica is a terribly spoiled only child, so of course it's a treat to see someone else get her spotlight. Plus, her imagined baby brother is extremely creepy—her nightmare always scared me! Especially as the younger brother ate everything up and grew to enormous size.

5. Moving Away - Season 3, Episode 25

What it's about: Angelica might be moving away, and the babies are actually happy that she will no longer be able to bully them. But then they realize that if it wasn't for Angelica, they never would have become the friends that they are today.

I love this episode because we get to see how the Rugrats first met, and it's funny to see that they didn't get along right away because Angelica told them lies about each other. I also love this episode, we see that Angelica actually really does care for the babies, even if she is so mean to them!

4. The Word of the Day - Season 5, Episode 4

What it's about: When she's given the chance to be on her favorite local broadcasting show, 'Miss Carol's Happy House,' Angelica learns Miss Carol isn't like her character on TV. Angelica also learns a new word... a word that she probably shouldn't say on live TV.

Obviously, this episode is great because Angelica repeatedly says a "bad word," something the babies never knew existed. But the scene where Angelica says the word on live TV is priceless!

3. Chuckie's Wonderful Life - Season 3, Episode 17

What it's about: When Angelica tells him that everyone is better without him, Chuckie decides he should run away, until his guardian angel shows up and takes him to a world without Chuckie.

So Chaz's favorite music is Latvian Folk Dance? Weird and random! Anyway, I think what makes this episode so funny is that everyone's lives are horrible without Chuckie, except Angelica who becomes morbidly obese eating cookies and cake all day long. Angelica is such a horrible person, but I just love seeing the crazy, mean things she does.

2. Home Movies - Season 3, Episode 11

What it's about: Stu invites everyone over to Drew's house to watch home movies form their trip to the Grand Canyon. The babies sneak off and decide to make their own home movies.

What makes this episode so great is that the producers use real artwork submitted by their own children. The home movies perfectly sum up the babies' feelings and their day-to-day lives. Angelica draws her father as very small in comparison to herself because she doesn't think much of her dad and pushes him around.

1. Mother's Day Season 4, Episode 2

What it's about: It's Mother's Day and the babies are looking for the best presents to give to their moms. But when they realize Chuckie doesn't have one, the babies decide to help him find one, eventually asking Angelica.

I love this episode for so many reasons. The main one being that we get a glimpse of the kind of person Chuckie's mom (Melinda) was. When Chuckie is trying to remember, he tells the babies about a dream that he always has where a lady is carrying him in their backyard surrounded by flowers. He says he sees a butterfly and that he isn't even afraid. Chaz tries to keep Melinda's things safe in a box but when Chuckie finds a picture of the lady from his dreams, he decides to give his dad the picture as a Mother's Day gift. That moment, when everyone realizes who the picture is of, the entire room goes silent and Chaz realizes it's time to tell Chuckie about his mommy. Although it's not specifically mentioned what happened to her, it is implied she passed away from a terminal illness shortly after Chuckie's birth.

Trivia: In this episode, we learn that Tommy was born premature and spent the first few days of his life in an incubator.


Susie's my favorite character, who's yours?


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