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Some actors, like Christian Bale and Daniel Day Lewis immerse themselves fully in a role and take method acting to the extreme. They take themselves out of their comfort zones and do things that they wouldn't naturally do to really nail a role. Other actors, while just as good at portraying their characters, don't have to make quite as big of a stretch to bridge their characters and their real lives.

These eight actors proved that life imitates art, and sometimes art imitates life! They each played roles that either were or ended up being similar to the people they actually are.

1. Jason Biggs - American Pie

Much like his character Jim in the American Pie series, Jason Biggs is apparently prone to accidental exposure. While this wasn't getting caught with a pie on the counter, all of Instagram was privy to Biggs' "boys" earlier this week after his wife posted a funny picture of the them to her page. While I'm sure the toilet shot was intentional, in true Jim fashion, giving a peek of his undercarriage probably was not.

2. Tom Cruise - Top Gun

Always the adrenaline junkie, Top Gun's Tom Cruise shares more in common with Maverick than a love of playing volleyball in jeans (okay, that might not be true). In 1994, 8 years after Top Gun's release, Cruise decided he wanted to fly the skies in real life and earned his pilot's license.

3. Emma Watson - Harry Potter

It has always felt like Emma Watson was born to play Hermione Granger, but the actress has even furthered this notion by sharing similarities with her character post-Hogwarts. As a young witch, Hermione was an advocate for the protection of magical minority groups, even going so far as to create the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (SPEW). Today, Emma Watson, a graduate of Brown University, is also an advocate for gender equality as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Exceeds expectations, indeed!

4. Tom Holland - Spider-Man

One of the first cases of art imitating life is the latest actor to be cast to play Peter Parker, Tom Holland. As this 19-year-old's Instagram suggests, he's more than capable of swinging from a web with the greatest of ease. Amidst the many casting rumors, it seems like his real-life aptitude for spider-like acrobatics may have been what sealed the deal and put him above the rest.

5. Charlie Sheen - Two and a Half Men

In an almost chicken and the egg situation, it's hard to say just how much of Charlie Sheen personality when into his Two and a Half Men character, Charlie Harper, and how much of Charlie Harper's playboy lifestyle ended up coming home with him.

6. Channing Tatum - Magic Mike

If you've seen Step Up or Magic Mike, you know that Channing Tatum is no newcomer to the dance floor or the stripper pole. Tatum has been very open about his brief career as a male stripper before he made it big in Hollywood.

7. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Much like their characters, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad and Angelina couldn't help but fall in love. Their action-packed scenes set them up for a romance of a lifetime, and they've been together happily ever since. And today the are officially Mr. and Mrs. Pitt!

8. Paul Walker - The Fast and the Furious

Similar to his character in the franchise, the Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker loved everything about cars. Sadly, his passion for this hobby played a role in his tragic and untimely passing in 2013. Today, his family and costars are working hard to keep his memory alive by continuing to work on the franchise he loved so much.


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