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Everyone loves a good blooper, and now its no surprise to see your favorite DVD rammed full of flubbed lines, clumsy actors and failed special effects. However, every so often these mistakes stay in the final product -- either because the director failed to notice them, or they were simply too good to leave out.

ScreenRant recently released a new video which compiled some of the movie mistakes which made their way through editing and onto the big screen. Check out the video, and a full list of each one, below:

10. Star Wars: A New Hope - Mark Hamill says "Carrie" instead of "Leia" when he returns from the Death Star

This rumor was actually recently dismissed by Mark Hamill who explained the whole scene was over-dubbed, meaning such a mistake was impossible. He claims he was in fact saying "Hey! There she is!", although the audio was cut short.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy - Chris Pratt wasn't supposed to drop the orb when handing it over to The Collector

8. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - Jim Carrey asking to redo his line wasn't in the script, he was merely staying in character

7. North By Northwest - Police officer doesn't know how centrifugal forces work

6. Cabin in the Woods - The erratic spraying of the merman prop was an unintentionally humorous result of emptying the entire blood tank.

5. Serenity - The dramatic lowering of the soldiers guns was actually the result of Joss Whedon shouting "cut"

4. The Wizard of Oz - The red smoke trap door was timed wrong but was included in the final film because Margaret Hamilton refused to do more fire stunts

3. Days of Thunder - Actress accidentally calls Cole Trickle "Tom"

2. Spy Kids - Robert Rodriguez appears in one of the mirrors, but decided to keep himself in

1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day - The "I need a vacation" line was improvised by Arnie

Source: ScreenRant


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