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If I tried to tell you that today was the first time I typed 'life-sized Jennifer Aniston doll' into Google, would you believe me?

But seriously, now she's married I don't do that kind of stuff anymore. But her newlywed Justin Theroux needs all the Aniston love he can get, even when the real woman isn't there. Check out what happened when he went on Ellen:

"I don't want you to miss Jen, I know how hard that is for you to be alone."

"So I got you something so you don't feel alone when you're without Jen."

'I Love you Justin'

Watch the full uncanny encounter below:

Since Actor Justin Theroux found it brutal to be away from his wife while taping “The Leftovers” in Austin, Texas, Ellen DeGeneres gifts him with a life-size Jennifer Aniston doll for the next time he has to travel.Watch the whole interview today at 4 on WPTZ NewsChannel 5.

Posted by WPTZ NewsChannel 5 on Wednesday, 14 October 2015

[Source: WPTZ]


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