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With the wealth of dumbfounding, astonishing and unusual life on our planet, it should come as so surprise whatsoever the Pokémon has heavily borrowed for the natural world to create it's pocket monsters.

The intrepid explorers at Dorkly have gone on an adventure worthy of a young Ash Ketchum to discover Pokémon's real life animal twins who have never seen the inside of Pokéball, and you'll discover that sometimes fact really is stranger than fiction.

12. Charmander and the Eastern Newt

11. Pigeotto and the Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

10. Ursaring and the Sun Bear

9. Stunfisk and the Stargazer

8. Sandslash and the Pangolin

7. Chatot and the Yellow Collared Lovebird

6. Raticate and Hazel's Mouse

5. Goomy and the Ceratosoma Amoenum

4. Gorebyss is the Long-Nosed Chimaera

3. Heliolisk and Chlamydosaurus

2. Poliwag and the Tadpoles

1. Mudkip and the Axolotl

(Source: Dorkly (2)


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