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It has been eight years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published. The movie version of the book came out four years ago. Yet, the series is still very current and close to heart for numerous fans worldwide.

This is my very first post here on Moviepilot. I love painting portraits from movies and TV series. Here is the first image I share with you – and how it was made: Severus Snape played by Alan Rickman from the Harry Potter movies.

I work digitally in Photoshop. The image was made before the idea of posting its process. What you are going to see are the different layers of the painting.


First I start searching for an image / images I could use as reference. Then I doodled some sort of lines to build upon. I usually have even a messier doodle underneath, but that one I had deleted already.


Next I add some colors underneath the lines. Normally I don't use such a weird palette – this almost made me stop working on this at some point. One of the reasons I had for making this image was the practice of different shades and shadow colors of the skin.

I start painting over everything. I often use just the plain round brush from Photoshop with some tweaking on the color transfer and shape dynamics settings.

After the face was ready, I add a new layer and started working on his hair and clothes. Finally I added some darkening layers to some parts of the image and called it a day!

Final product

A print of this image is on display at Illustrative Festival in Berlin during 30th of October to 8th of November 2015 if you want to see it live. You can also order your own print at Art of Brands store!

Bonus! Here is an image comparison to an old version I did four years prior to the newer one. A good reminder for all of us to keep on practicing!


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