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Shooting an independent movie with no studio and no money is really hard. Everyone knows it. But well: It could work! But it means a lot of work and time and brainstorming and improvisation.

So, inspired by the book 'Rebel without a crew', a small but enthusiastic team from germany did it! They started to produce their first feature film in the year 2010 with only 10.000 Euros.

Daniel P. Schenk and Robert Staffl are the two masterminds behind the production.

Daniel P. Schenk is known for his eSport Movie A GAMER'S DAY, which was released in 2005 and got millions of downloads worldwide before the YouTube-Age, made some more internet-movies and written gangster short-stories - a true storyteller by heart. He has written, directed and edited BEYOND THE BRIDGE.

Robert Staffl started his career at the New York Film Academy in New York and the University of Applied Science in Dortmund/Ruhr. Since 2002 he worked as a Cinematographer and Director of Photography on many international projects such as DIE VIERTE MACHT. He is the producer and Director of Photography of BEYOND THE BRIDGE.

Lets check out the trailer:

Finally after 5 years of work the movie will be released on April, 21th 2016 as Video-on-Demand and is taking part of the Unreal Film Festival in Memphis, USA, the International Film Competition in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Morbido Film Fest in Puebla, Mexico, and the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Festival in Argentinia.

So what is this movie about?

After two years abroad, art student MARLA SINGER returns to her abandoned family house. Her parents died some time ago and she wants to say goodbye to her past. But a party with old friends and a mysterious drug send her into a nightmare, from which she never awakes again.

From now on, during five nights, Marla gets terrorized by an unspeakable threat from the dark, while making strange discoveries in her otherwise wellknown house. Dismissing her experiences as aftermath from bad pills, she tries to focus on her semester project as good as possible. But the night always comes.

She gets support from her former housekeeper EMMA, who consoles her over the phone and from her ex-boyfriend ERIC, who desperately tries to deny that he still has feelings for her. Her old friend BARBARA further helps to create a comforting atmosphere. Or are they all part of the problem...?

Soon, more questions arise: Why did the prank-loving party guest JEAN hide the strong analgesic PENTAGOL in her house? Are her disturbing experiences really drug-induced halluci-nations? And who is that BRIDGE GIRL that enters her dreams? The more Marla looks for distraction, the more she realizes that everything is connected...

Maya Schenk
Maya Schenk

A family and friends project

As support for this production Daniel got his both sisters Maya and Carolina Schenk to be involved is this project. Maya, also known from A GAMER'S DAY, plays the maincharacter Marla Singer and also co-produced the movie. Carolina plays the strange girl, who follows Marla in her nightmares.

The other cast are found by an onlinecasting: The talented Thomas Koch, Eleanor Buechler and Jean-Noel Molinier.

Thomas Koch, Eleanor Buechler, Jean-Noel Molinier
Thomas Koch, Eleanor Buechler, Jean-Noel Molinier

Inspired by the 'Silent Hill'-Franchise

Daniel still got his roots in the gaming-industrie. He's a big fan of the 'Silent Hill'-Franchise and played the games more than once together with his small sister. The atmosphere of them is a big inspiration for BEYOND THE BRIDGE. Fans of it will recognize it by the music, which is inspired by 'Silent Hill', created by the creative collaboration Broken Notes.

Also the perspective of the camera is the same like in the game. For example they often use Overshoulder and Egoperspective.

Spread the word!

The movie was done on a minimal budget by a very small crew. There are no big names attached. The production highly depends on everyone who likes the trailer to support it via likes, shares and (on apr 21th) VOD buys @ It's a very special underground psycho-thriller which deserves some attention. :-)

To stay tuned follow the project online:


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