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When you’re a celebrity at a Comic-Con, it’s got to be pretty hard with all those fans, meaning you've got to have photos, give autographs and more !That is , unless you’re one of these cosplayers - then you have a chance to walk free and enjoy the day. Check out some of our favorite celebrity cosplay below!

Bryan Cranston as Hector Salamanca

Bryan Cranston as Walter White

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Image Source

Chris Hardwick as Marty McFly

Maisie Williams as Spider-Man

Katy Perry as Jane and Shannon Woodward as Daria

Katy Perry did more than one cosplay! She also became Freddie Mercury and Jessica Rabbit (but she did Jessica for a concert).

Katy Perry as Freddie Mercury

Katy Perry as Jessica Rabbit

Patton Oswalt as Doctor Octopus

Dwayne Johnson as Hulk

Dwayne Johnson as Fred Flinstone

Daniel Radcliffe as Spider-Man

Lena Dunham as Louis C.K.

Neil Patrick Harris as The Tin Man

The cast of Grey's Anatomy as the cast of Orange is the New Black

Jaden Smith as Batman

Jaden Smith as Iron Man

Peter Jackson as Evil Jester

Matt Smith as Bart Simpson

Seth Green as The Joker

Snoop Dogg as The Count

Dean Norris as Xena: Warrior Princess

Jack Black as a Stormtrooper

Simon Pegg as Boba Fett

Audrina Patridge as Mystique

Olivia Munn As Slave Leia

Rachel Bilson As Wonder Woman

Rachel Weisz As Snow White

Jessica Alba As Elastigirl

Busy Phillips As Tinkerbell

Kim Kardashian As Poison Ivy

The Big Bang Theory Goes Full DC


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