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The Battlefront Beta is over and with it comes the inevitable depression - the long and painful wait until the actual release date comes around. Of course in the interim we can all turn to the internet for our Battlefront fix. The internet is awash with Star Wars Battlefront gameplay - it is epic moments and trick shot galore out there.

But, fortunately for us there is a flip side. With epic and awesome moments inevitably comes the epic fail, and trust me - these clips are flat out hilarious to watch.

So, sit back and enjoy a myriad of my favourite epic fails from across the gaming world. These videos and clips come directly from you, the players and guys, you rock!

7. The Mighty Hero Comes to Defea... oh...

In this clip we see a Stormtrooper casually popping shots off at the surprisingly bouncy hero. That is until Skywalker spots the trooper and rushes over to slay him. A chase ensues - the trooper is toast for sure... - Zephs

6. Outta Nowhere!

What was going through realmadrid1417's mind? Oh yea, a big ass pod!

5. My Time to Shine!

We will all get that one time to shine, that rare and brilliant moment in life where you are able to stand up and prove to the world you can be a winner. Unfortunately for DRL93, this was not his time.

4. You're a Little Late... Sir

He has more power than almost any other person alive, he is able to wield the unbridled bounty of the dark side - but apparently he can't tell the time. Turns out Vader is late for a lot of meetings on the Death Star. Mark Dennison

3. Vader Is Apparently Not So Good Against Kamikaze

Whether this was on purpose or not, this pilot nailed the landing.

2. The Stormtrooper That Could... not aim!

EA and Dice wanted to deliver the best and most representative Star Wars experience they could. It turns out they got it spot on when designing their Stormtroopers. They look great, sound great and yea, cant shoot for S***! Xerator

1. They Saw an Opportunity and They Went for it!

This is an amazing clip that shows us the true reality of war. This is what would have happened if the mighty Luke Skywalker lost a firefight with a squadron of Stormtroopers out on Hoth. - DeeboDB

The beta has been hailed as a resounding success by EA and Dice with over 9 million players signing up to blast their way across Hoth. Star Wars Battlefront will release on November 17, 2015 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

I will be following this article up with another 'epic moments' piece - this time however they won't all end in total humiliation. Make sure you stay tuned for that one coming your way next!

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