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If you have not begun watching this show or even The Flash and you're reading articles here, please start. Each being in the same universe is what makes them awesome, however the feel...the grit that Arrow brings keeps you watching for more action.

I've enjoyed each season and I look forward to what this season brings. However, just a few things are grinding my gears. SPOILERS may be involved here, so please stop reading if you want to be as excited as I was watching the new episodes.

The Return.
The Return.

At end of Season 3, Oliver and Felicity leave Star City behind to live a normal, American dream type of life. Between then and now, Diggs has become, essentially, the leader of the group. He does not provide a warm welcome to Oliver by any means, and this will be a character arch for the season.

I like the idea that he may form into the Guardian, as mentioned in other articles. The one this that bothers me is his helmet/mask. First, it looks way to small for his face and, second, it only covers his face. It reminds me of children's Halloween mask leaving the back of the head vulnerable. All I ask is that we make this helmet more...more. That's all, otherwise, now he's even more of a BA as I've appreciate the dynamics he brings to the Arrow. Normally the voice that grounds the team to remain human.

Speedy: I am happy to see Thea joining the crew and taking the mantle of the "Red Arrow" however Speedy is what name she was given. What fascinates me is how well the uniform looks on her. The design is very fitting, which makes me think the writers had that in mind with the original Red Arrow. I always had an issue with his costume from the start. The fading from red to black and the corset feel with how the front ties and all. Even the red mask (black would of been much better) all made the suit feel very feminine. It all now works with Thea dawning the outfit, so all good on that.

Now, what excites me!

We're back to the island. Oliver spent a long time on this island, which means potential for any kind of adventure. In Season 1, we assumed he had spent that whole time there, but as we followed the story of Oliver's "after life" (being dead and all) we found he traveled and became tied up in some insane things. What will we learn about that time this season?

Back to the wig!
Back to the wig!

The Green Arrow's suit looks amazing. I have enjoyed the evolution of this hero, not only with the suit, but who he is altogether.

I welcome Jeri Ryan to the cast. So far, she is running for mayor, yet the ghosts attempted to stop that. Being a fan of the Trek through the Stars, Seven of Nine has been a crush, and still holds up today. Looking gorgeous as always.

We were teased with a future shot of Oliver standing over a grave and Barry Allen visiting him. I felt it was random, so hopefully we, as all good screen write knows, we are need the climax and a resolution to that. I fear to theorize, but I believe we may lose Felicity...maybe Thea? maybe Laurel. Many questions have been asked at the start and keep this season alive as we unfold the many layers we've been provided.

Firing dozens more!
Firing dozens more!

Both Felicity and Thea's characters are being focused upon and I imagine we will see more development of either. Oliver is finding Thea as a darker avenger than he would like and Felicity is being buried by her new position as boss lady of Palmer Industries. So far she had to fire a good chunk of people, making her return even worse for her.

I look forward to this season and I hope you do too. The city is in trouble again and the Green Arrow is back in action. Just looking at what IMDB has listed for the future episodes just make me even more pumped.


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