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So, Grimm Season 4 was a bit of a crazy ride right? It's certainly left fans with high anticipations regarding the Season 5 premiere, which is getting closer and closer now.

In the run-up to Grimm Season 5 NBC has released a few videos that are less teasers and more outright first-looks into the premiere episode, and it looks like it's going to be one hell of a show...

Juliette's Funeral

Personally I thought Season 4's beisty-Juliette Silverton was great, it was nice to see her character being afforded a bit of backbone and the Adalind vs Juliette hexenbiest showdown was pretty awesome, not to the mention the contained menace actress Bitsie Tulloch managed to convey through her.

"I am in hell Nick, and it is time that she went there with me."

Juliette confronts Nick & Adalind at the Precinct
Juliette confronts Nick & Adalind at the Precinct

Regardless of whether or not you actually liked Juliette as the innocent damsel-in-distress/main character's girlfriend type (hint: I didn't) you have to admit that she's had a pretty poor run of it - and most of that was Adalind (Claire Coffee)'s fault.

Finding out that the woman who tried to kill her boyfriend, poisoned her, nearly killed her, made her lose her memory and then disguised herself as her to sleep with Nick and became pregnant with his child, that's enough to push even the most even tempered, non-hexenbiesty folk over the edge.

Juliette spent so long not really doing that much over the first few seasons that it was great to see her actually stand up and take control, even if it was in a pretty detrimental way. Sure, we can't forgive her for trying to force Nick (David Giuntoli) to kill Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), nor for her part in Kelly Burkhardt (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)'s death, but her motivations are understandable when you throw the hexenbiest side of her into the mix.

However, there's no certainly coming back from something like this. The abrupt changing of her character and the slightly nonsensical way it was stitched together meant that Juliette was going to have to be written off, and so she was during the intense Season 4 finale.

The Juliette's Funeral sneak peek video (below) picks up right where Season 4 left us; following his mother's death Nick failed to carry out the deed he had sworn - to kill Juliette if she could not be stopped. Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) stepped up, shooting and killing hexenbiest Juliette with a crossbow to save Nick's life. He held her in his arms whilst she died, and Season 5 isn't going to pull any punches in that regard as we're thrown right back in into the action.

Got any thoughts on Juliette, and where Grimm Season 5 is going to take our characters next? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Grimm Season 5 will Premiere with The Grimm Identity on 30th October 2015.


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