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We've still got 7 months to go until [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) is released, but that hasn't stopped the rumour mill chucking out plenty of speculation and hearsay. There's not a lot that we know for sure, apart from the fact that Apocalypse will mark the conclusion of the 6 X-Men movies so far. How this final act will play out remains to be seen, but Oscar Isaac's Apocalypse is preparing to bribe many of our favourite characters to help his villainous plans, including Magneto (not so surprising) and Storm (ok, this one was unexpected). But there might be even more surprises in store before X-Men: Apocalypse comes out...

Major Spoiler Alert!

At the San Pedro International Film Festival, Bryan Singer dropped some serious hints about what we can expect from X-Men Apocalypse. As the film has so many plots to wrap up, it's set to be very emotional, with Michael Fassbender delivering a heartwrenching performance...

"We’re at the end of the scene, and he asked me not to call cut and when the scene was over, he continued and did something that made me cry in the tent; I’ve never done that before. It’s a heartbreaking scene, not a typical comic book movie scene at all, so let’s hope it makes the cut. But after he did it, I went up to him, hugged him and said, ‘Thank you, Michael, for that gift."

We hope it makes the cut too - after that tantalising hint, there's no way that fans will be happy if this poignant scene is left out of the film!

But this wasn't all Bryan Singer revealed. Apparently, we might not want to check out the X-Men Apocalypse trailer when it's released, because it will contain a major spoiler for the film.

"There’s even an homage at the end [of the film]. There’s a scene — it’s gonna get spoiled because they decided to use it in the trailer – but it’s kind of a wrap up of six movies."

This is a pretty divisive issue: while many fans hate major spoilers in trailers, studios are convinced that revealing plot points beforehand only increases hype and ticket sales. While the statistics do seem to confirm this, its a method that certainly hasn't benefited some franchises in the past, like Terminator Genisys (in this case the writers chose a controversial twist bound to annoy fans... and the studio put it in the trailer, causing many people to just avoid the film).

In any case, we're all wondering what this spoiler could be, and Sophie Turner may have dropped some hints of her own via her Instagram page...

New Powers For Jean Grey?

Sophie Turner, who plays Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse, is no stranger to using social media to hype up her roles. She and Maisie Williams frequently play around on their various profiles, giving plot hints for Game of Thrones and proving that while their onscreen sisters haven't seen each other in years, the actresses are the best of friends. And it looks like Sophie Turner is set to give X-Men Apocalypse the same teaser treatment, if her latest video is anything to go by...

@alexandrashipppp playing you ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #storm #xmenapocalypse

A video posted by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on

In the video, Sophie Turner showcases some awesome filter talents as she switches roles with Alexandra Shipp's Storm. So is this a hint for X-Men Apocalypse? Could Jean Grey and Storm swap powers?

It's certainly possible. Swapping powers is not rare in many superhero comics, with some heroes changing powers permanently in order to keep the plots fresh. Rogue is obviously the mutant who most often inherits powers, given that's part of her abilities. But she's not alone in this: one of Psylocke's defining moments from the comics was when she body swapped with the Japanese Kwannon, gaining the ninja's abilities. And she may not be a mutant, but let's not forget Black Widow's alternate universe time as Thor...

Is Nat worthy: the question we all need answering.
Is Nat worthy: the question we all need answering.

The fact is that heroes switch powers pretty frequently in the comics, so why not in X-Men Apocalypse? It certainly would work well with the plot, as Storm starts the story as one of Apocalypse's lackeys, but will probably end up joining Xavier's team in the end. Swapping powers with Jean Grey would establish a connection between the sides, and might well begin the process of teasing Storm back to the good guys. This would be a pretty fun plot, and would definitely help the two characters see things from each others' perspectives.

There is one slight problem with this: Bryan Singer mentioned that the spoiler is "an homage" to the previous films. Considering a power swap has never been used in the X-Men cinematic franchise, that probably counts against Sophie Turner's post being a genuine hint. Ah well. It's fun anyway!

So what do you think the spoiler could be? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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