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The Amityville haunting is properly one of the most famous hauntings. It all began 18th December 1975 when George and Kathy Lutz moved into their new house on Ocean Avenue, Amityville on Long Island. The couple were able to buy this house cheaply because of the horror that went on thirteen months earlier, a man had murdered six people in that very house.

After just four weeks, the Lutz family allegedly fled in terror. The story told by the Lutz included oozing slime in the bathroom, horrible smells in bedrooms, invisible forces grabbing hold of family members and heavy objects moving around of their own accord. The family also suggested that when they moved away from the Amityville house, the evil force followed them.

This is where the story gets interesting. Investigations by paranormal researchers were unable to verify much of the story and the priest who 'blessed' the house, stated he had never been inside. None of the local workers ever remembered repairing any of the alleged damage caused by the evil force.

Original reports from the family were less dramatic than the story we have now come to know, referring to the feeling and sensation of an evil force rather than a physical presence. A defence lawyer came to the conclusion that the reason why the story escalated was due to the knowing that something terrible happen in that house, and the belief of there being real evil within the walls.

it is difficult to decide what really happened to the Lutz family, but I think it is clear that something did happen.


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