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With the sheer quantity of movies at our disposal, it is common for frequent moviegoers to draw parallels between one movie and another. A particular quote or character or even soundtrack choice can spring up memories of similar films. Though, when it comes to Warner Bros' latest flick Pan, the similarities are just too apparent to ignore. Especially in regards to one particular science-fiction fandom.

WARNING: Spoilers For Pan Below!

They Have The Same Base Characters

Let's see here. Pan has a young boy who grew up without his parents, who is the focus of an ancient prophecy and possesses magic powers that could save the world from evil. That sounds like a Luke Skywalker character if I've ever heard of one.

And what is good unless there is evil to oppose him? This film presents Blackbeard, a dark-garbed evil maniac who leads a large force of expendable goons that he uses as hired muscle. He wants to shape the world in his own way, just as Darth Vader did in the original Star Wars trilogy. He even has the pale, bald head that Vader did as well.

And let's not forget Hook: the lovable scoundrel who appears selfish but really comes through for our hero in his time of need. He's quick with a gun and quicker with a joke, just like everyone's favorite Corellian smuggler, Han Solo.

Although we don't have a Chewbacca character (though you could make an argument for Mr. Smee), we have the perfect replica of Princess Leia. Tiger Lily is a princess amongst her people. But when her father is killed by the Vader character of the film, she runs off with the hero and scoundrel to enact a plot to save the day. The similarities are endless!

Blackbeard Tries To Bring Pan To The Dark Side

Early on in the film, when Blackbeard learns of Peter's ability to fly, he brings him up to his personal cabin and tries the good cop routine. He explains that the natives of Neverland are savages, and that he could use his power to join Blackbeard and defeat them once and for all.

I was legitimately expecting the conversation to end with "Join me, and together we can defeat the Emperor." The sinister tone of the scene was directly reminiscent of Vader's efforts to persuade Luke in the original trilogy. Throughout the entire movie, Blackbeard exerts the very "join me or kneel" persona that Vader us known for.

The Tribespeople Are Basically Ewoks

So let me get this straight, as Peter and Hook, (the hero and scoundrel) are walking through an unfamiliar forest, fending off danger at every turn, and all of the sudden they are taken captive by the indigenous people of the forest. They get strung up and taken to their village in the trees, where they face certain death. Is that not exactly what happened to Luke and Han?

When they arrive at the village, the natives finally come to their senses after some reasoning (and weird trampoline fighting), and they decide to fight back against the Empire. I mean, the pirates.

After they are inevitably triumphant over their foes, they celebrate back in their jungle home with dancing and fireworks. This is the gist of the Endor portion of Return of the Jedi. Throw in a couple of Imperial walkers and maybe a slingshot or two and the native people would have become indistinguishable from the Ewoks.

Hook And Tiger Lily Have A Romantic Connection

From the beginning of the film, Hook came off as the surly loner type who preferred to stay detached from the rest of society. Even when he , Peter, and Smee escape from the pirate community and head into the forest, he is still overly sarcastic and hostile.

However, as soon as he sees the pretty princess Tiger Lily, he switches on the charm like a light. Though Tiger Lily tries to pretend like she's not interested, you can see that she approves of his flirtatious manner. It's Leia and Han all over again!

Death Star, Fairy Hive, Same Thing

While the final battle takes place in a secret fairy hive instead of the space above Yavin IV, it is still remarkably similar to the finale of the original Star Wars. Before the battle, Han, I mean Hook, finds a ship and takes off, as he wants no part in the upcoming battle. He just wants to leave, and live his own life.

Meanwhile, Blackbeard and his ship slowly approach the fairy hive, where he plans to cause mass genocide amongst the fairy population. Our heroes (pretty much just Peter and Tiger Lily) fight back against the pirates with everything they have to prevent the destruction, like the rebels trying to stop the Death Star from blowing up Yavin IV.

When all hope seems to be lost for out heroes, Hook swings up out of nowhere with his ship and joins the fray, just as Han did by attacking Vader during the Death Star assault. Peter then takes control of his hidden powers to destroy his opponents, but instead of using proton torpedoes like Luke did, he used thousands of little fairies.

Seeing as Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens finally comes out in a couple of months, perhaps Warner Bros were trying to pay homage to the franchise? It's not likely though. It's probable that they didn't even realize that they were making all these similarities. They are still there though, and there are many of them.


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