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Don't let the multiple Marvel universes mislead you, Marvel hasn't made two of their biggest film heroes gay or bisexual (that we know of). Earlier this year, the internet was very much abuzz with the news that Thor would be a female in the new Marvel comics and that the Falcon would be taking up the mantle as Captain America.

Today, Ben Morse, Senior Editor at Marvel, posted a picture via twitter entitled "January 2016: Earth's Mightiest Kiss" featuring none other than female Thor and the new Captain America snogging mid-air.

It seems that Captain America and Thor might actually be a romantic power couple in the comics, starting in a new issue coming in January 2016! This definitely adds something new to the Avengers dynamics, especially with Lady Thor having been revealed to be none other than the former Thor love interest, Jane Foster. Is Marvel going for a Wonder Woman/Superman-style power couple to help spice up the newest team of Avengers?

This makes Thor and Captain America yet another success in Marvel's beautiful collage of interracial couples, alongside the likes of Cloak & Dagger and Jessica Jones & Luke Cage. Marvel has certainly pushed in recent years to bring diversity and characters from various emotional, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, so there's someone for every reader to relate to. Has Marvel left out any major groups? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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