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Somehow, in the span of a month, the rampant rumors of ticket sales or trailer releases surrounding [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) have created a sense of pre-sale hype that rivals the dreaded Comic-Con ticket wait. If you're looking to see the movie on opening day, it's time to get prepared -- because unlike any other franchise in this galaxy, first-day Star Wars tickets are likely going to sell faster than a brand new DL-44 blaster.

From the perspective of someone that has actually gone through the hell of Comic-Con ticket sales, being prepared for everything is your greatest tool for navigating the lead-up to The Force Awakens. The seventh installment to the Star Wars saga is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year, so if you'd like to see it on opening day, consider the following:

1. Get Your Tickets Ahead of Time

At the moment, the buzz around the movie (according to folks at Slashfilm and other sites) claims that ticket sales will kick off after a particular series of events. First, the film's official poster will be revealed on Sunday - then, during Monday Night Football on ESPN (8PM U.S. Eastern time), the first (and only) full-length trailer for The Force Awakens will debut online.

Tickets will reportedly go live 30 minutes later at 8:30PM U.S. Eastern, and the best places to go for pre-sales right now seem to be Fandango and Moviefone. Your best bet is to sign up for their notifications if you haven't already. If you're in a big city or a densely populated area, you're going to want to jump on tickets the moment they go on sale.

2. Confirm Your Group Plans ASAP

For anyone not attending with family, planning with a group can be difficult. Rally up your friends with a Facebook post or calendar and settle on at least two choices for local theaters, if your area has more than one. If you're in a super high volume area, make sure you've got a plan just in case your first choice fills up quickly.

3. Arrive Early!

Even though tickets are having a rather gracious pre-sale to avoid the madness of huge lines on opening day, it's important to remember that your ticket only guarantees you entry. If you want a good seat, make sure you're in the area -- and possibly even in line -- a few hours ahead of time.

4. Dressing Up

One of my favorite traditions when it comes to screenings of cult classics (and their latest continuations) is the aspect of dress-up. As a child, I dressed up for each of the prequel film premieres, and as an adult, I'm excited to do that again. Whether you coordinate with your group or do it on your own, make sure to call your local theater ahead of time to make sure that your lightsabers and blasters are okay to bring.

It's rare that a theater won't let you dress up at all, but some have regulations on weapons or blunt objects, so it's always good to make sure!

5. Check Around For Local Events!

Here in Los Angeles, force-users are gearing up for one of the biggest lightsaber fights ever on the evening of December 18th. Across the U.S., theater chains are rumored to be running marathons of the saga leading up to the premiere. With the hype at its highest level, it's likely that something will be going down in your neck of the woods.

Searching for events on Facebook might make it easier, but if there's nothing going on, don't be afraid to take charge and schedule some fun for you and your friends.


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