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1% evil. 99% hot gas.
Matt Rice

So, remember this. You're a kid in the nineties, sitting in class, and see a couple kids reading this new book: Goosebumps. You're oddly intruiged, based on these interesting covers and titles. What lies within those pages? With titles like "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom," "It Came From Beneath the Sink," and even, "Say Cheese and Die," you're gonna get something interesting. And you did. You were legitimately scared. You read all the books, seen the TV show, and now, you were hearing that they were making a movie. But it never came.

Alas, in 2015, we got our answer. But you're grown up now. You might even have kids. You don't really know what you're in for when you walk into the theater. You have Jack Black as the writer of the books, accidentally letting loose all of his creations into the real world. At least the premise is interesting. I mean, it could be pretty good, pandering towards nostalgia but also delivering something very funny and engaging at the same time. And we got that.

Goosebumps is actually pretty good. Very good, even. The young actors actually fit very well into the movie, and they don't stand out. The humor in this movie is actually really good, managing to get laughs out of the children, while also having some very funny jokes for the adults too. But where this movie really excels is the monsters. Goosebumps is a series well known for its monsters including, but not limited to: Slappy the Dummy, The Haunted Mask, Bog Monster, The Abominable Snowman, a Cuckoo Clock, a clown named Murder, a vampire poodle, and even... BEES!

All in all, this is a fantastic movie that I recommend seeing for nostalgic types, and parents who want to introduce their kids to do something truly horrifying- READING.


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