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What if somehow "Forrest Gump", "Cast Away", and "Captain Phillips" are connected. You might be thinking "how dumb is this guy", well very. Hear me out, I'm going to go in order from Forrest Gump all the way to Captain Phillips.

We start off in "Forrest Gump" where we learn that Forrest has a disability of being mentally delayed until age 8 and with his crooked back it is believed that he also had scoliosis being that he had to wear the leg braces which made walking difficult and running impossible.

Fast forward to the near end of the movie where Forrest starts to call himself Captain Forrest and names his boat Jenny. Forrest and Lieutenant Dan Taylor sail around in search of shrimp. (Maybe this is a connection between Forrest Gump and Cast Away, You know being at sea).

At the end of the movie we also learn that Jenny had HIV and also had a son named Forrest Gump Jr. What if when jenny passed and Forrest could no longer take care of his son and had no choice but to put him up for adoption and somehow forest was able to get help and receive care to fix his mental illness and change his name.

Thus, we move onto "Cast Away" where "Chuck Noland" now a FedEx delivery driver takes a plane to deliver packages when suddenly the plane crashes into the ocean and he (Chuck) is forced to live, sleep, and nearly die there. While their chuck learns to think outside the box and has himself in a sticky situation where he is forced to do things he's never done and to test himself in ways that are nearly humanly possible. He makes a friend named "Wilson" and "Wilson" is his only friend that he can communicate and possibly communicates back with him?. This situation tests his mental stability possibly bringing back some of "Forrest" thoughts into his head. After he is recused from the island, as seen in the movie forest it as a four-way stop he makes the heartbreaking decision to leave his girlfriend (now remarried) to start a whole new life.

"Captain Phillips" his new name has started a new life shipping containers around the world. In this film, his new name is "Phillips" and he is now remarried and possibly has a son in college. While the ship "Maersk Alabama" is on its way to its designated destination it is attacked and taken over by Somali Pirates. It is then where "Captain Phillips" takes what he learned from "Cast Away" to help protect his crew from the pirates. Again he is forced to make dangerous decisions and is willing to do anything for his crew. And maybe the real reason "Captain Phillips" was so nervous through out the film was because he knew that he would have to go back onto the ocean waters and was somehow scared of being lost at sea as he was on "Cast Away" ( and obviously because his crew and he were being attacked by Somali pirates. And in the end, he was reunited with his wife and found his true place in this world.

And people is my Tom Hanks Movie Theory.

I Literally Bullshitted all of this and for some reason it all makes sense to me.

-Marc Deleon


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