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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Fans have been waiting for DC to cast Batgirl in the DCEU for quite some time now. While we don't exactly have that as of yet, Batgirl has found a voice actor for the upcoming film Lego Batman!

As you may well know, Dawson is already contracted with Marvel to appear in the Netflix series Daredevil and would not be able to do any live action DC films, but that doesn't mean she can't voice act!

Rosario Dawson as BATGIRL!

Rosario Dawson is a very talented actress but she does not fit the role of a live action Batgirl. She does however has great voice acting ability and she should be do a great job along with Will Arnett in Lego Batman. I for one am very excited for this film as the Lego video games are some of my favorites and the Lego Movie was pretty enjoyable!

Lego Batman is going to be AWESOME!

If you have ever played one of the Lego Batman video games, you should know what to expect from the film. Over the top animated action and a good mix of humor should definitely be at work with this one. Will Arnett will provide a humorous rendition of the caped crusader and it should definitely be something to check out, especially with the kids! Rosario Dawson should be great as the voice of Barbara Gordon and really just elevate the level of quality of the film! Definitely check it out!


Will Rosario Dawson do good as the voice of Batgirl?


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