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One of the many buzz worthy topics in superhero related cinema is Batman. Of particular interest is who will grace our screens as the next major Batman villain? We know Jared Leto is portraying the big screen rendition of the Joker, but rumor has it that Warner Bros. really loves Batfleck, ergo we are set to see a Batman solo outing in the near future. This got me wondering, who could be the next Batman villain? Also, since WB is likely trying their best to separate Nolan's Batman universe from from the one Snyder is creating, it looks like we're also set to see more comic book faithful renditions of these villains. But what will they look like? Well, if they look anything like James Zapata's renditions of Gotham's infamous criminals (check out his work here!), I'll be quite pleased! I just stumbled onto his work recently. Check it out! It is absolutely fabulous!

1. Ra's Al Ghul

2. Two-Face

3. Poison Ivy

4. Mr. Freeze

5. Scarecrow

6. Clayface

Of these six characters, there is one we haven't seen on the big screen. With the technology that creative minds have at their disposal today, coupled with the DCCU Zach Snyder is creating, I think it is high time we see Clayface join the ranks of the vast and varied antagonists we've seen square off against the Dark Knight.


Which of these villains do you want to see face off against Batman?


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