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Best decisions taken by DC till now

DC has been thrashed for every decision taken by him in a past couple of years. Whatever be the reason behind this like Care for DC, Insecurity regarding their favorite characters, Some kind of competition or Maybe the hypocrisy of Marvel Fanboys who are unable to understand the reason behind many decisions, DC till now provide the best it can.

The thrashing of DC's decisions started with the selection of Ben Affleck as Batman - The selection of Ben Affleck as Batman put the fire on Net with senseless comments upon the acting skills of Ben Affleck or his caliber as a Hollywood talent. But after seeing the first look people consider the Ben Affleck's Batman a "Fan Boy Wet Dream" . Decision regarding selecting Ben is not just due to his acting skills but also his ability to handle projects. I'm not saying Ben will helm the upcoming Batman projects but yes this guy is never going to ruin this character because now he can take his decisions and present in front of production Houses. Ben already proved himself as an at least above Average director (from my point of view one day he'll become legend) so his point of suggestions will be valuable after considering the tone of Batman - A NOiR.

Please click for the story Arc of new batman Solo movies and Cast.


When Dc announced the plans for Suicide Squad, many fans started comparing it with the Sinister Six Movie. Even many considered this a futile decision before the Solo movies of Flash, Aquaman and Wonder woman, At least Batman's solo is the base of the Suicide Squad. Then during the time of Casting from Jaret Leto to Will Smith everyone faced his share of hatred from internet. The guys which were totally cool with the look and treatment of villains like Whiplash, Malekith and Mandrian now started howling over the nearly prefect casting of Suicide Squad but here Dc played his second card, By introducing the saga of villains before their heroes.

This movie not only increase the Number of known Characters for the upcoming movies, which not only support the New Solo movies with already familiar faces but also lower the risk upon movies like Shazam or Cyborg.

Big actors in Villains role like Will smith not only support the Batman movies but also Flash and Cyborg. Rick Flagg can play a role in Aquaman movie. Clara Delevingne's role is Justice league dark don't need any special mention here. which will bridge the gap between JLD and JL . Actually initially, I was pissed of for not including Black Manta but when i understood the whole point behind enchantress i was quite happy.

Enchantress will bridge the Gap between Justice League Dark without requiring any further explanations.


Zack Synder and David Ayer selection for director's chair created a lot of buzz on Internet.

While back accept Marvel's Russo brothers and super fan Joss Wedon all were misfired. Iron man one deserves an ovation but Iron man 2 ruined everything for Jon Favreau. Well i don't want to blame them because every fine director complained about Marvel's work ethics but who cares if money is coming and audience are laughing. Back to DC,

Zack made 300 with a handful of budget, Dawn of Dead

is considered on of the best remakes in Hollywood till now and

Watchman an impossible comic book adaptation on Screen.

Even frank miller appreciated him for this. Some people even considered Watchman the best ever comic book movie ever made after The Dark Knight. One thing for sure Zack have some huge balls doesn't matter if he misfired once in Sucker Punch but still the movie had epic visuals.

Zack is a visionary when it comes to comic book movies and he had balls to take some huge steps.Other one is David Ayer who penned the script of Training Day and directed End of watch and Fury.

He have enough strong resume w.r.t. any Director Marvel ever roped in.


Bringing trinity in a single

Movies also shocked many fans because they have only seeing

"first solo then assemble"

kind of treatment so they are unable to understand the

"Situational Demand of Characters" .

People are unable to realize the impact of Man of Steel for creating the whole universe. Marvel Guys totally understand how Captain and Iron Man join hands under those circumstances where Captain-Tony met for the first time due to different timelines. Same story with other characters. The only similarity between them is the Man with an Eye patch but they worked together because of Situational Demands. But the argument here, Audience is familier with the characters. But their's an Huge difference between the familiarity between DC character and Marvel.

Also DC created the situation in which Batman has to come out of shadows. An already coming threat is motivating Wonder Woman to join hands with Batman and Superman

. The insecurity among powerful man Like Lex Luthor and Government created the whole Drama here. That Human insecurity bring other problem in for themselves because that's the tendency of Human civilization -

First find a problem and then solution. In this whole process kill 1000's of innocents and due to this other problems rises.

What Marvel had explored in Winter Solider , Dc is going to explore in his second movie with a solid logic .



It's the story of a Man before he Grows up, Story of a legend before he become one, Story of Self realization before he finds all answer inside him, Story of God before he become one. It's not about Powers but what lies inside.

That's the synopsis of my answer on philosophical level. But No Superman may not be human but his up bringing is every human. I don't believe that he always believe upon not violence , Even the "Father of Ahimsa - Mahatma Gandhi" was once have human desires and living manner. People think in a lighting blink that on 22nd birthday Clarke decided to become Superman. I hope he need sometime to introspect himself In a same manner he'as shown in Man of Steel. He definitely used those powers before become superman and those power will definitely shocked many people.

Those shocking moments also get Media coverage often and some media persons are in optimistic nature. Imagine any human in the same situation , he'll definitely fell the identity crisis but it's totally "Restricted" for Superman, Just because people thinks he's Superman. Actually the soul of Superman is the "Representation of God who lived between Humans" but slowly with the time when someone become legend people forget about the human inside him. Either they started trusting him or thrashing him for being Human even for a while. That's what happened with Man of Steel. The insecurity of government and the rest role is played by "Human Civilization Philosophy" .

People thrashed MOS because they never thought superman as shown in that movie. MOS first time bring the story of Superman before he's an icon. His Power created the Fear and Hope Simultaneously among the people like we feel with every new invention. Powerful Human started hates superman because he's going to change their position and weaker one's consider him an angle or God to gain a shed under his Red Cape.

Power means media Govt and Powerful people are going to use Manipulation like shown in Trailer (Lex is the face of Powerful society) and those powerful people are going to challenge their limitations by bringing other options against Superman because superman doesn't fit in their world where they think they are born to rule.


Blame Superman for the destruction and call him Devil

because they already know Superman is somehow consider himself under the Law. Meanwhile Superman started find the meaning of his life inside the hope of normal people and started feeling connected with them. These people tell him the meaning of the lives and the impact of Huge Battle fought by Higher ones. Government is not sure what to do with Superman and here the need of someone arises to "Make him Bleed" and to draw a line between Powerful and God.

The War between Superman-Zod had definitely changed the equations in Themiscyra (or Even on other world also) which will bring Wonder Woman in the scene to keep a check upon someone who's enemies can change the structure of whole Earth or Even Galaxy. She can't hold these fights alone, she need a Technician, Batman.

That's the whole Theme for Batman vs Superman. DC laid the foundation of Human civilization's philosophy and build a tale of an icon upon it to make it feel like more and more closer to the general audience as Time will pass. MOS will be considered a Landmark in comic book movie history when people will understand what kind of foundation which MOS provided. Marvel just introduce heroes but DC creates the condition to bring all Together and that's the core of their Dynamics. Need is the key of everything from science to relations, Zack has a vision DC has a Vision different from others and the foundation laid here for the cinematic universe is not to criticize or accept upon what you have seen but to understand the layers, MOS is an education for the future of cinematic foundation.


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