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Hello to everyone! I know this is a little strange that I'm doing an article about DC even that I'm a Marvel fan, but I like DC too (of course I like Marvel more) and I'm watching all their tv series like Flash. And WARNING! the're are going to be spoilers to the two episodes of "Flash season 2"!

Let's begin:

1. Zoom's speed


Jay Garrick said that Zoom is maybe the fastest speedster, but how he became so fast? We can say that he trained and practiced but we know the movies and TV series like to make things more interesting and confusing. So, what if I say that Zoom took the speed of other Flashes from other worlds and became more faster?

let me explain: 1. He showed in Jay Garricks world just when Jay got his powers, a coincidence? I don't think so. Jay didn't say that in the day he become a speedster there was an explosion that gave him his powers, or some people also got powers in that day (like in Barry's world), and even if it happend and Jay deosn't know about that (even if 2 years passed) what are the chances that another person will get the same powers? very small and we can learn this from our series

2. We also know that Jay tried to caught Zoom 2 years, but in their last battle Zoom defeated Jay and instead of killing him immediately, he moved some of his fingers into Jay's body and it made some pain to him, than removed his hand, lifted his arm and he meant to kill Jay when the portal showed and Zoom ran away. Why didn't Zoom killed Jay immediately? We know (and I'm sure he either) that if he put all his hand in Jay's body, Jay would die after 5 seconds, but Zoom first put his fingers for 2 seconds and just than lifted his arm to kill Jay in the way I said. So why he put his fingers first? because he wanted to take Jay's speed and it happend.

Zoom taking powers
Zoom taking powers

So what I want to say that Zoom travels between other worlds (and time I think), and he takes other Flashe's speed and kills them. So he traveld to Jay's world to the time when Jay got his powers, and Zoom tried to catch him, and when it happend and he thought that Jay died, he start to hunt Barry.

2. Other Flashes

Other Flashes
Other Flashes

So from my first theory we can say that there are more flashes in other worlds and Zoom took the powers of some of them. One of the Flashes of the other worlds could be Wally West, who will come to help our Flash or maybe instead to kill him because Zoom took him to this world and will bring him back home just if he will kill the Flash. So maybe there will be more appearances of other Flashes.

3. Our Caitlin will not become Killer Frost

Killer Frost
Killer Frost

So we know that Zoom sending villians from Jay Garrick's world, and we know we will see Killer Frost in "Flash season 2" because Flash saw the future about her in the last episode. So you already know what I want to say: Killer Frost will be Caitlin Snow from other world. But here comes the question: Why Jay Garrick didn't say anything to Caitlin or the team about that? here are some answers: 1)he think he will hurt Caitlin if he say this, 2) he doesn't recognize Caitlin, 3) Killer Frost become villian in his world after he disappeared, 4) Zoom will take other villians from another worlds because he want that Jay couldn'twill no be able to help Flash to stop this villians and Killer Frost will be one of them (I like this answer). So maybe Killer Frost will be like the Atomicsmasher, from another world.

4. Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne) know about Jay Garrick?

So if we watch from 0:28 till 0:38 we understand that Eobard know who is Jay Garrick, but not many people knew that Jay Garrick from another world and we know that Eobard is from this world because if he was from another world, Edi's death was change nothing. So how Eobard know who is Jay? Maybe in the future Jay become also a superhero in Barry's world. But why the portal opened in Jay's world? and Eobard said that this portal will take him home. This I don't know how to explain(write in the comments what you think)

5. How Jay Garrick maybe will get his speed back

Jay Garrick
Jay Garrick

So Jay Garrick lost his speed, but he will get them back, and everyone know it. But how? we know that our two Flashes got their speed by a mix of lighting and some chemicals (most of the speed Barry got from the lighting but there was some chemicals too). What will happen if a lighting will hit Jay again? but a special lighting. Jay taught Barry a new attack to defeat the new villian, and what Barry have to do in this attack is to throw a lighting that he makes. So what I think that a lighting like that will hit Jay and will give him back the speed.

6. The awesome moment

I know it's not a theory, but it was cool to see exactly this moment in the show (without the background), the policewoman is calling to Flash, and they both running to help her. This moment is from a comic book.

So this are my theories, thank you for reading! If you liked this post, please click on the heart down there. If you like theories about super heroes you can follow me, and write in the comments what do think about the theories. Bye!


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