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From Batman to 'sexy cat,' every year you see the same costumes for Halloween. I think it might be time for us all to shake things up and try something new!

The following are four rarely seen Halloween costume ideas for you and your friends!

Kim Possible

Instead of Tomb Raider, why not switch it up and be another great heroine -- Kim Possible. You could even make this a couple's costume with Ron, or even a group costume incorporating all the other characters!

Peter Pan

I see so many people dressed as Tinkerbell, but why not try another character from this great story? With all the Pan buzz, Peter Pan probably hasn't been so relevant since Hook was released. This, again, could be a couple's costume with Wendy, or a group costume with the Lost Boys or Captain Hook! Have fun with it and remember, it is for people who don't want to grow up!

Friday the 13th

You're probably thinking 'but loads of people dress up as Jason!' and you wouldn't be wrong, but how about dressing up as Jason and all the camp counsellors with make-up depicting the way each counsellor dies in the movie?

The Breakfast Club

Sorry, it's another group costume! However, I feel this is a great option as it would be so easy to emulate. If there is someone in your group that doesn't like to dress up, they could always be Brian.


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