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(Spoiler Warning - Some information in this post contains spoilers to the TV show Star Wars: Rebels and potentially to the film itself)

In case you didn't know, I am a massive Star Wars fan. I am also a fan of Abrams' Star Trek films, which in my opinion felt much more like the good parts of the Prequel Trilogy and less like a normal 'Trek film. So when I heard that Abrams was set to direct the return of the franchise, to the big screen (Congratulations if you picked up on the joke there) I was even more excited than before for this new chapter in the Star Wars timeline.

As such I couldn't help but pour over the information and footage that has been revealed to come up with a set of theories on both characters and plot points which may be present in this new tale.

1. At Some Point In The Film, Han Will Not Have The Millennium Falcon

"You lost her to me, fair and square"
"You lost her to me, fair and square"

Now this may be a rather bold assumption as after all, it has appeared in both trailers so far and there are multiple interior shots also. But I ask you this, where in all the galaxy would Han and Chewbacca call home? While it is possible that Han was born on Kashyyyk, I would say it is far more likely for them to consider the Falcon their home. This is further strengthened by where they are stood when Han makes this statement:

This makes the suggestion that they have been away from The Falcon for some time, something I believe neither would willingly accept. Considering both are also visibly armed, I don't think they got back 'home' without a fight.

2. Darth Vader Will Make An Appearance In The Film

"You don't know the power of the Dark Side"
"You don't know the power of the Dark Side"

Now this is admittedly the theory that I have the least faith in, however there is still some odd occurrences that could point towards the Galaxy's Favorite Asthmatic being included in the film. Likely through some kind of prologue connecting the higher-ups in The First Order or The Knights Of Ren to the classic villain.

The evidence for this came from the new Star Wars toy line. One range of the new Episode VII action figures sticks out as the best example. It's is a small set of four characters: Finn, Kylo Ren, A First Order Stormtrooper... and Darth Vader.

While it is possible that he is in the collection simply due to his icon status. It strikes me a strange that he, over all the characters in the new film (e.g Rey), would be chosen to be part of such a limited set. It's not like it evenly splits the set into good and evil characters either.

There is another tidbit that while not directly suggesting he is due to appear, does at least leave the possibility open. The thing in question? James Earl Jones only recently voiced Vader for the animated show Star Wars: Rebels, showing he is still willing to provide the chilling voice of the Dark Lord.

3. Luke Is The New Ben Kenobi

"Now I am the Master"
"Now I am the Master"

J J Abrams has stated that this film was going to pay homage to the original movies and what better a way to show that then to present the role of the master being fulfilled by the student. In the second trailer Luke is shown sat in a robe out in what appears to be a desert with nothing but a certain trusty Astromech droid for company. Much like how Obi-Wan lived in seclusion. Does this also suggest that it may be because he is keeping an eye on someone, just like his mentor was? Perhaps another force-sensitive being? Maybe the same one who he is addressing in his voice over?

While given the fact that Finn has been shown using Luke's old lightsaber, I believe it is more likely that is has been keeping tabs on Rey as she has been shown to be established on the desert planet of Jakku, while it would seem Finn ends up on the planet due to some kind of accident. Judging by his bewildered face at the beginning of the first trailer, when still kitted out in Stormtrooper armor. Also, although I personally don't believe they are taking the old Expanded Universe's path and having the Solo children, she is the most likely to be related to the Jedi Master. We also know Han is present on Jakku at some point in the film, that is, assuming he is the one piloting the Falcon in the trailers, so it could make sense for her to be his daughter.

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 17 2015.

(EDIT - So it turned out one, kinda two, theories of mine were correct. I won't deny I am quite pleased that as far as I'm aware, I was pretty much the only one that flagged the first theory as a possible plot point)


Which of these theories do you think is most likely to come true in the film?


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