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If you've been keeping your ear within a stone's throw of the ground then you may have heard about some comments that Daniel Craig, (our current James Bond actor), has made about said role. Namely a statement to the effect that he would really rather not be the character anymore. Which is fair enough, after all, who wants to be restricted to that one franchise for an overly long period of time? It can't be healthy for his career, or his sanity for that matter! Now, being British (Scottish, specifically) I am by proxy a massive lover of all the good 007 movies, as well as all the terrible ones because they're utterly hilarious anyway. So, having watched all the different actors take up the mantle of Mr. Bond, I'd like to see something radically different from the franchise. Sure, Skyfall was great and Spectre will hopefully be good as well, but in the interest of the series not becoming stagnant, here are three bold new directions that I'd like to see in the next era of Bond films.

1) Get rid of Bond

Yes, you did read that correctly, and yes it was actually physically painful to type. So let me backtrack a little and explain. Bond is awesome, yes, but after fifty years of running, shooting and taking down bad guys, I'd like to see someone else take the centre stage. I'm thinking something along the lines of Bond "dying" or being forced to go into retirement and having a new (but not necessarily young) protagonist have to step up to take up the 007 mantle. It would be a nicely meta twist that almost writes itself, what with the new actor having to fill the shoes of the best Bond since Sean Connery. I don't have anyone specific in mind, but isn't the idea of a new, more mean and less humorous agent filling Bond's shoes sound like an interesting idea at the very least?

2) Going rogue

On one hand, I like that Bond has always been a genuine patriot who serves the country and is an actual secret agent who can spend a movie successfully working in the employment of his secret service (everyone stare accusingly at the Mission Impossible guys). but on the other hand, a bond going up against a corrupt MI6 is a film that I could get behind if done right and even stretched over multiple films. Maybe one movie ends with the denouement that the people he's been chasing for two hours were the good guys and the next instalment picks up with Bond teaming up with them to take down an infiltrated British secret service. Sure, it would be difficult to pull off with the character as he is, but done right, it wouldn't even look like they were stealing from every other spy flick ever.

3) A redundant 007

Skyfall sort of touched upon this idea a little bit, but it's one that I would like to see expanded upon more. In the age of computers and the internet, is it really necessary to have human secret agents who don't work in the digital section? It's an interesting question, and one that I feel Bond would have difficulty trying to answer to himself as much as the world. I can't think of a place where it's been done before, and it could answer the question of man or machine on a different level than we're used to. Perhaps 007 keeps hunting down clues only to find that Q-branch has beaten him to the end of the bread-crumbs and he has to try and find his place amongst a world where the greatest danger to the world is a man at a keyboard with access to a supercomputer as opposed to a laser satellite.

Wrapping Up...

Whatever happens with James Bond, I can assure you that I'll be there for the ride, cheering and booing at the appropriate intervals. But what about you? Do you like my ideas or do you have anything better? Either way, let us know below, and until next time guys, enjoy your lives.


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