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So I was going to do a blog about the upcoming slasher films but I realized that's a dumb idea. So instead I sat down and watched "The Wolfman" not the good 1941 film, but the shit 2010 film. I only watched the movie because aside from a few scenes, I had never seen the full movie.However while I watched that movie I realized something, our classic monsters...are dying.

The Werewolf

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Why. Werewolves are some of the coolest ideas for monsters. A Man/Wolf hybrid that only comes out on full moons. And while the modern werewolf is one of the few major monsters that still exists, it's clinging to life. With films like "Twilight" and shows like "Teen Wolf", the modern werewolf story is basically, hot girl + hot werewolf guy = nice teen drama. It's a shame because the last werewolf film that used the actual werewolf is the shitty 2010 "Wolfman" film. I can only hope that these once great monsters will appear in another film.

The Vampires

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I could make the obvious "xd Twilight sparkle vampire joke" but everyone has made that joke over a million times. Now while the Twilight vampires are just...the most wrong thing that's ever been in film. There's other films and shows where the classic vampire is murdered in favor of "HOT SEXY ONES! WOAH MAN THAT GETS MY INNER TEENAGE GIRL GOING WOOOOOOO!" In all seriousness, shows like "True Blood", films like "Twilight", and books like "Eighth Grade Bites" are ruining the classic vampire.


Anyone else remember this film? I can't really insult this film for "ruining" zombies because really it's just a comedy. It's not even that bad...I mean it's not good, not even okay, it's...idk I'd put it next to Pixels. Now what I mean by ruining zombies is not like Vampires and Werewolves where they're not "HOT SEXY MACHO MEN TURNING INTO BAD BOY MONSTERS!" but instead they're making them way to intelligent. Zombies are supposed to be dead bodies brought kinda back from the dead to eat anything that movies . But now thanks to the "Dawn of the Dead" remake (which was actually good btw), "World War Z", and other recent zombie flicks have been turning these monsters into intelligent killers that act more like rabid dogs then rotting corpses.


Because the next step after ruining both Vampires and Werewolves is to ruin Aliens....right? "The Host" is one of those films that failed miserably and I can only hope it doesn't ruin the Alien horror genre. Out of all the monsters mentioned on this list, Aliens are the least endangered. But we should still be careful because one small teenage alien romance movie can change the monster forever.

So those were the four horror monsters that are close to becoming wiped out. I hope you've enjoyed the blog and for next review we'll be reviewing "An American Werewolf in London" which is one of my favorite horror films.


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