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Hello My fellow Ghouls, Goblins, Witches and Monsters!

Welcome to my Hotel Transylvania 2 movie review; I have a lot of information packed in for you. Now for everyone, who is anyone, you can recall how we were all so psyched with the first film that came out before hand of Hotel Transylvania.

For those of you who are kinda out of it from the first film, I'll happily re-explain it: The idea that humans and monsters being friends and co-oping with one another was truly a ridiculous idea for Captain Control freak, I mean COUNT Dracula, to handle. It's not everyday that your little girl is turning 118 years old, itching to go out into the unknown world beyond the hotel and visit Haweewee, aka Hawaii.

Yet, what can you do when she suddenly "zings" with a human disguised as a monster and plans the "bestests', specialist, party" ever?

Well, as johnny-stein always said "I just roll with it" so sure enough, Drac began to roll with it but was lost within the fun and didn't think of the consequences of lying to his precious daughter. To cut the long story short, since this review is for the 2nd film, Daddy Drac fixed the errors of his ways and brought together Johnny and Mavis, where they happily became a couple and traveled to create their own paradise.

Now, time to give you what you came here to see; fangilicious information in regards to the newest film "Hotel Transylvania 2".

Now I must warn you, if you HAVE NOT seen this film then I advise you NOT to read my review because it MAY or MAY NOT contain some spoilers, depending on how deep I go into the topic; Now, let's begin, shall we?

Animation-wise; I give the movie two thumbs way up since the style was kept the same as the original yet a bit more rounded rather than pointed. It's perfectly fine since, of course, it's a family film and you don't want to give the audience an annoyed point of straightened or cut lines to look at. Aesthetically, the colors are neither too bright or too dark, the scenery was well defined and the character designs were stereotypical and could be understood accordingly by all ages. Yet, it's not everyday that a film must incorporate both humans and monsters within multiple settings at the same time to keep up with the story line.

Remember; within this film, humans and monsters are lurking together within Hotel Transylvania and sometimes, even the background characters need their own time in the spotlight; right Blobby?

"Blobby" - Hotel Transylvania 2 Screenshot
"Blobby" - Hotel Transylvania 2 Screenshot

Anyways, based on the trailers, I can tell you that I was super psyched when I had seen and heard that Mavis and Johnny were expecting their first child together; which brought about the concern, would he be human or vampire?

Now, I may not be a parent but I can definitely understand that for any future parents' or current parents'; when you expect your first child, you accept them regardless of who they are, you're just happy they are born healthy and loved.

Which, of course, managed to became the main issue throughout the story line; true, the struggle was peculiar, things were done and said but the story just had a hard time transitioning forward.

Don't misunderstand; I simply fell in love with Little Dennis' character, his personality, his actions and his internal works of how any little boy would behave. He's the type of child I would love to conceive and smother with love and kisses. This small boy can be compared and connected to other small children out there, not just boys, in the world that try hard to accept themselves but cannot since others try to turn them into something their not.

Yet, I am bit disappointed that Johnny wasn't "fully there" within Dennis' moments and speaking out, as such. I figured that, as a father, Johnny would have taken on a more parental role and understood that the errors of Dracula's ways were not going to make the situation any better. I actually expected something more from Johnny, being more into the story line rather than basically being an outcast.

Practically, it felt like the film could have been done without johnny's character (if you cut off the wedding scene and Mavis leaving another way without johnny convincing her to go visit his awkwardly rude family).

The film was simply moving too quickly; pieces were having a hard time being fit together, the lacked humor was just not excusing the random spaces and slots left open within the film. The only thing that kept the movie going were the small bits of humor "here and there" in reference to Dracula learning how to incorporate 21st century technology and his fellow monsters trying to teach Dennis their ways of being scary.

Honestly, as much as I respect the classic Dracula and the other classic Dracula films; I just had a hard time comprehending how Dracula's father really had any actual part within the film. Besides giving Dennis a random superman moment for about a couple of seconds to give a sudden plot twist to the film to protect his werewolf girl, Winnie.

Honestly, Winnie was simply the highlight of the movie for me; this fluffy werewolf bundle of love was Dennis' escape and his "zing".

Some of you may or may not agree with my opinion of this movie and that's understandable but I think the movie should have been properly thought out more and taken a bit longer in consideration for keeping us on our toes.

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think; if you have any concerns or want to request another movie review from me, just message me to or comment to let me know.


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