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Ebony Magazine was founded way back in 1945, and it has been a leading source for black news ever since. It's a highly reputable black media property that many people of color look to when it comes to the issues—specifically, from a racial standpoint.

So, to hear Ebony write a cover story on Bill Cosby that doesn't, at all, show him in a positive light is a big thing. Here's the cover, you'll see with shattered glass on a photo of the Cosby family from the fictional sitcom, in which Bill Cosby's face is obscured by the root of the "crack".

The November issue "separates Cliff Huxtable & Bill Cosby," provoking a conversation that black Americans need to have. The show was groundbreaking for African-Americans for a multitude of reasons.

  • It was an example of an upper class black family, showing that we aren't all hoodlums and gangsters.
  • It was really pretty damn funny.
  • It had an undeniably positive impact on a lot of lives (black, white, brown, etc.).

There are more reasons why we fell in love with the Huxtables, but I don't think that is the point here.

Rather, the point is that we fell in love with Bill Cosby, the comedian, and his actions can't be dismissed merely because of his talent. Instead, we need to look at the man and make it clear that what he did was wrong.

In anonymity, I think most people agree rape is bad. But when your fame is a catalyst for the rape, it's even worse. Talent and success is no excuse.

Here are some Twitter reactions... people are torn:

What do you think?

(Via: USA Today)


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