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Nat Wolff is a decent pick for Light. I'm not sure if he could pull off the deranged, narcissistic, God complex needed for Light. Light is also kind of a genius who becomes a detective. Is it believable that a 20-22 year old could become a lead investigator on a serial killers case? I'm not sure so I will assume there would be some adjustments. But I will concede. He has a solid resume for a 20 year old so I have no choice but to roll with it and hope for the best (Gambit). As for Death Note and the seemingly American version of the anime, people are going to flip out. For my fan cast I continued with the theme of implementing American actors, but I added Asian actors. There is no reason Death Note should lack Asian actors so a mix would do the film justice. Here is Death Note fan cast that should satisfy everyone (or not).

WARNING: May contain spoilers

Bailee Madison as Sayu Yagami

Sayu is the prissy little sister of Light who would rather shop than study. She's funny at times and for this movie I think they should play up her role. Madison would fit the role because of her ability to play a funny or stuck person. She played tough and tomboyish role as Maxine on Wizards of Waverly Place. You can catch her as Sohoia Quinn on the Fosters where she plays a former horse jumper who struggles with depression who attempted suicide on a few occasions. That right there is why she's perfect for the role.

Bryan Cranston as Detective Yagami

Excellent under rated actor. He's perfect for this role. Not too many people fits this role as perfectly as he does. Lights father heads the Task Force assigned to take down this super natural serial killer called Kira. As Walter White he displayed fantastic ability to transform a character on screen. On Total Recall he was fantastic as a dictator like leader. I could go on and on Argo, Godzilla, and Malcolm in the Middle. Dude is great and perfect for the role.

Kelsey Chow as Takada

Takada is the girlfriend of Light and the public representative for Kira. Chow doesn't get enough roles. I would say she's a bit underrated. She's done a great job with every role she's given from CW's One Tree Hill to Disney's Pair of Kings, and MTVs Teen Wolf. Her roles have varied from sexy goofy, to bodyguard, and the awkward teen turned killer. There is no doubt in my mind she would bring to life a lackluster character like Takada.

Kira Task Force:

Wentworth Miller as Aizawa

Aizawa is aggressive, tempered, and anxious detective who has early suspicion on the identity of Kira. Dude was excellent in Fury and would defiantly bring out the intensity that Aizawa displays throughout series. Miller doesn’t get many big screen roles, but he is a really good actor. He’s done a great job on Prison Break and a fantastic job as Captain Cold on Flash. Placing him in this role was easy he’s smooth intimidating, but he can play aggressive.

Harry Shum Jr. as Matsuda

Matsuda is brash, eager, and inexperienced. He enjoys TV and is up to date with pop culture. He may be raw, but he is resourceful there are times he’s able to get himself out of tough situations. He also acts as Misa’s manager and (Spoiler Alert!!!!!) puts a bullet in Kira. I know he’s from Step Up and Glee, but he’s also played in Mortal Kombat and he will appear in Shadowhunters and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Netflix series. Ass Matsuda there is a certain level of immaturity and cheesiness needed and Shun has that in spades.

Zachary Levi as Mogi

He’s large, reserved, very quiet, and rarely has an opinion. He’s very dedicated to his job and he’s fantastic undercover. When posing as a bodyguard for Misa he quickly becomes a completely different person. As Misa’s bodyguard he’s cheerful and comedic. Zachary Levi is known for his role on Heroes and Chuck. He was in Thor and he voiced Flynn Rider in Tangled. With a resume like that I am convinced he can play Aizawa.

Celina Jade as Sanami

Celina Jade's resume hasn't been in many movies, Legendary Assassin Man w/ Iron Fist are two notable movies. Many fans may know her from her role as Shado. What's clear is Jade's can fight, she's a decent actress. For Sanami she should have to play the cop with morals since Sanami doesn't agree with the way the investigation team works. Sanami doesn't appear in the anime, but she does play a key role in the movie.

Team L

L (Ryzuaki) - Evan Peters

Evan Peters is versatile, he's funny, charming, and can play the role of a crazy person. If you've ever seen him in American Horror Story then in X Men you'll see why he was chosen. L is one of three best detectives in the world. L is a sweet loving, odd, awkward, and reckless but calculated at the same time. He's often intense with a dry but really funny humor. Peters would do a really good job bringing out all those qualities. Don't believe me check him out as Quick Silver. Plus he's a great dramatic actor he'd be perfect to play Kira tracker.

Naomi Misora - Tao Okamato

Okamato is perfect to play the grieving widow whose husband was killed by Kira. She's about to play the bodyguard of Lex Luthor Mercy Graves in BvS. But it was a role in. One reason I selected her was because of her role on Hannibal as Chiyoh the maid of Hannibal's and his childhood friend who is on the hunt for the killer. The other reason was selected was because of her role as Mariko the daughter of a killer and Wolverine's love interest in The Wolverine.

Teri Mkami- Rick Yune

Yune looks cynical, he’s played cynical, he’s intimidating and a pretty good actor. Or this character it would be great if there was sense of maturity a calm, quiet, but evil approach to the obsessive nature of Teri Mkam.

Misa - Kate Upton

I know for sure this won't go over easy, but the blonde bombshell is making her rounds in Hollywood. She's rumored to be the next Bong Girl. Her resume is small she started in Tower Heist next she took on a role in Three Stooges, she moved onto to costar in The Other Woman. She will be in the Layoer with Alexandria Daddario. As Misa she would have to play a ditsy, funny, sexy Death Note owner.

Watari - Frank Langella

Langella was the choice over Michael Caine simply because Cain was used more in Fan Cast. Plus I've recently watched Draft Day where he played an NFL narcissistic owner, which was different from the creepy role he played in The Box, and I enjoyed him as Perry White in Superman Returns. He's versatile enough to pull of the dull yet creepy Watari.

Mello - Robbie Kay

His role in Once Upon a Time made him an easy sell room. He has the look plus he's capable of playing the odd chocolate eating L successor.

Near - Ty Simpkins

The kid has been in two successful horror films (Insidious) and did good work in Jurassic World. He's destined for stardom and he would bring out the creepy, dark, toy stacking L successor.


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