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Look, if you're a fan of movies then chances are you've had days where you just hate the film industry for the endless stream of reboots, adaptations and sequels. Today is one of those days for me, so just to prove a point about creativity and imagination, I (a 17 year old nerd on the internet) shall put forward five new ideas for movies that I came up with while bored in a two hour mathematics lecture at university. Here goes...

1) Nature turns on man

Imagine a complete, straight up, horror/blood-fest of every single living creature on earth except for humans turning completely insane and deciding that murdering all of the people is a good idea. We'd follow a group of friends who end up traversing the world between deserts, canyons and fields in order to escape tigers, eagles, snakes and even flies! Those things are pesky little disease carriers. Not only would it simply be great fun to simply watch everyone being massacred in imaginative ways, but it could also serve as a piece on just how we are all, at the end of the day, at mother nature's mercy. Anyone else up for this?

2) Lost in space

Picture a future where we have spacesuits which can keep a person alive for days on end. Then, envision several people ending up spinning through the vast emptiness of the great unknown, a bunch of people who don't like each other very much due to some kind of feud. Put us in the helmet of one of the only likeable members of this ill fated party, none of whom can communicate with each other, and we have a thrilling survival piece where they all brutally murder each other over oxygen and supplies. Because when you get right down to it, what would people do to survive? In my head, I have the idea of a few of the less likeable characters coming up with a plan to get back to Earth and our protagonist giving up his life in order to gift them a shot at it.

3) Dinosaurs

No, there really isn't much more to this other than the fact that I love dinosaurs and want more films with them as the stars. Say that a group of scientists and soldiers are somehow sent back in time to a period in the late Cretaceous era (the time just before the meteorite hit). They then have to try and survive all the Tyrannosaurs, Allosauruses and Raptors, but more than that, they have to try and leave clues that will last until the far future so that people can find a way to bring them to where they were sent back in time from. Y'know, before the massive meteorite wipes out all life on Earth.

4) The last man and woman on Earth

So the apocalypse happens, almost everyone dies, blah blah blah, the point is that the only two people left standing are a single guy and a single girl. However, neither of them very much likes the idea of hooking up purely because they're the only chance the human race has to continue surviving. Oh, and of course there are mutant animals and the like roaming around trying to kill them. The girl is an ex-military badass and the guy, while able to hold his own physically, is kind of wimpy by comparison. Over the course of the movie, they get to like each other, but in a slight twist, they find some other survivors and begin to part ways. Of course though, they miss each other and so when they meet again later, they get together. Everyone's happy and the human race can try and not screw itself over again.

5) The Internet

How about a story centring on someone being cyber-bullied. They've been attacked via many different outlets regularly and for a while when we open, and we see just how hurtful it is to have people constantly insult you, even when you're in your own home. However, the protagonist also runs a successful YouTube channel or website, I'm not sure which one I'd pick. In the end, he opens up about it and his followers and a bunch of other people rally behind him and they manage to help him get over his antagonists. It's a film about both the dangers and joys of the internet. One which, obviously, I'd find pretty relatable.

Wrapping Up...

Realistically, would all of these make perfect films? No, but they all have potential and are, most importantly, original to the best of my own knowledge. Some are probably better than others and some may not quite be feasible, but the point wasn't necessarily to pitch five great films to you, it was to showcase that you can come up with new intellectual property. So do you think I succeeded? Or do you reckon they would all suck? Either way, let me know in the comments below and as always, enjoy your life.


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