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Originally from my blog "Simba's Pride News"

There's a new Lion Guard clip:

I'll go in chronological order of the preview and discuss the Simba's Pride elements.

First we get more pictures of The Outlands and their hyena residents.It looks like Janja has his own vulture Majordomo.

In fear of the new Lion Guard, they try to kill as many animals as possible.

However, Kiara stumbles upon them.

Then here's another shot of the hyenas in The Outlands.

Then it turns out, poor Kiara gets stuck in the gazelle stampede. Simba calls her name and she yelps out, "Help!" Simba might be reliving the stampede he was in as a cub in his mind at this point too.

Then finally, an epic fight scene between the guard and the hyenas.

Simba's Pride news is excited for the premiere of The Lion Guard, and will keep you updated on any news regarding Kiara or The Outlands. (Although, I'm also excited to meet the new characters and experience the story as well.)

Remember to check out my Kiara in The Lion Guard website, where I am documenting her appearances.

And remember, November 22nd to watch The Lion Guard!


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