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This isn't really an article, just an opinionated post about body shaming. I saw an article written by Alisha Grauso about this topic. So, I decided to create something myself based on the same topic.

We've all either seen or heard people being made fun of for how they look or how much they weigh. Most of the time, we only think of females in this situation. However, males are shamed too. We just tend to overlook or ignore it. I myself have been shamed, and it is not a very nice feeling. Grant Gustin, star of the CW's The Flash has his own say on the matter.

Grant posted this on October 13, 2015.
Grant posted this on October 13, 2015.

My opinion on the matter is, an actor should NOT have to change himself to fit what the viewers think would be best for the role. He is who he is, and he is perfect. Just because a group of people believes he is not fit definitely doesn't mean mean it's OK to criticize him and say, "you need to bulk up!" or "you're not big enough for this role!" The fact is, NOBODY looks like characters in comic books, animated television shows, etc. They are glorified dreams that can sometimes make men and women alike feel self conscious about themselves and cause them to create unrealistic goals for what they want to look like. People in the real world don't have ginormous biceps and abs, or bulging calves. So, if you are one of the people who think that an actor should change himself to fit the wants of the audience, I suggest you go back to reading the comics instead and NOT shame an actor based on hurtful opinions. Male body shaming is just as bad as female body shaming. Both are equally as horrible.


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