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This story will pick up a couple of years after the Born to Run Fan Cast. Wally is part of his own team (fan cast coming soon) and Barry and Iris got engaged. He put away some of his greatest nemesis, and ventured with the Justice League. After a crazy adventure away from Central City Barry comes home to a darker world. Iron Heights is missing some of its most notorious criminals The Rouges. No longer using weapons, but now they are gifted with extraordinary abilities.

This would be a mix of stories and character backgrounds including the New 52. I will have 3 Flash's in this cast, but ideally one or the other would be for a sequel. The main antagonists are The Rouges. I used John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan for this movie because I'd like to see him depicted on screen. I know Barry and Hal were the pair, but for the sake of telling a different story and introducing Stewart to the world it would be cool to have him here. I will use The Rogues with a twist. The twist involves having them under control of Neron. The Rouges aren't a group without morals so adapting the story arch of Neron would add an extra edge to them making it difficult for Flash to handle without help. John Stewart would be used when the showdown happens between Flash and Neron. Why? Neron would be too much for Flash to handle he would call for Hal, but he wouldn't be available instead he sends John. Neron would tie into Darkseid who sent him to Earth to collect souls. Stewart would capture Neron in hopes to get answers about a force known as Darkseid the leader of the Injustice League. (my article from

The Rouges (coincidentally a lot of them have accents).

Captain Cold - Jason Statham

This is just the role for Statham, it's not something that he has to be tied down to for a bunch of films and its perfect for him to show off and add something extra go the movie. He'd be playing the much older brother of Golden Glider and an enemy of a young Flash. Everyone knows Cold is not a true "bad guy" so Staham can pull of both. Who knows he may be able to turn Cold into something bigger as an anti hero. Cold's ability to snap out of Neron's grasp will help Flash and Green Lantern defeat the rest of the Rogues and Neron.

Golden Glider - Blake Lively

This Glider will eventually lead the Rouges and she has the ability to possess people. Lively is showing she has the acting chops to play many roles. She was great in Savages and The Town in small roles. She was good as a socialite in Gossip Girls and she really proved she could handle a staring role in Age of Adeline. Lively will bring out the sex appeal that's needed for GG, but her look and ability to play the bad girl would breathe life into the character. GG like her brother will snap out, but ultimately decide to lead the Rouges without her brother.

Weather Wizard - Daniel Radcliffe

Weather Wizard is one of the most fascinating and popular villains across DC. He has balls big enough to challenge Superman and his powers are fantastic. Harry Potter gets some DC action with Radcliffe reprising a Wizard role. This time he will control the weather. He's talented and just adds more great acting to a cast that's already loaded. He's done great work since leaving behind his wand he killed in Killing Your Darlings, The Woman in Black, and he has Victor Frankenstein coming out. Having him in this role should make Weather Wizard a regular across DC movies.

Mirror Master - Richard Madden

Game of Thrones alum Madden is making his way to the big screen in a big way with an excellent performance in Cinderella he should be pushing for leading roles. As Mirror Master he fits the build. He and Holt would have great chemistry and he should be able to pull of a charming criminal.

Heatwave Randy Couture

Couture has really cemented himself as a pretty decent action star. His resume isn't large, but for the unstable, crazed Mic Rory. Rory is known for his temper and Coture can do that confidently. Since Hestwave.

Green Lantern (John Stewart) - Dayo Okeniyi

I'd rather have Stewart than Jordan for this GL. If Ezra's Flash stays true to his personality then Okeniyi is definitely the man to bring out the militant personality of John Stewart. I thought he was great in his short stints in two really good movies Hunger Games and Terminator Genisys. In both movies he played a strong hard-nosed character. Hunger Games he was a warrior and in Terminator he was a businessman. Hal's absence would be explained by Stewart who will serves in his place to help Barry.

Other Flash Villain for a movie.

Professor Zoom Alexander Skarsgard

Skarsgard is a really decent actor and he has the look I think fits so perfect with speedster from the future. He looks more like a protagonist, but as Zoom I think he would do an excellent job.

The End

For Wally and Iris check out my Born to Run fan cast. Leave your comments like share all that good stuff. I was going to post my Hal Jordan here, but wait for my Fan Cast Who should round out the JL?


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