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It's finally that time of the year again! Once a year, Texas Children's Hospital will host a "Spirit of Halloween" event as a fun party and gathering for everyone there. This year, however, the unexpected happened: Houston Texan's star defensive end J.J. Watt paid the children a visit. Getting a visit from Watt is a memorable moment these children will never forget. The best part isn't that he dressed up as Batman, but also that he used the deep Batman voice to go along with the outfit!

During the surprise visit, Watt painted pumpkins, gave out a huge amount of hugs, played foosball, signed autographs, took photos, and a whole lot more! J.J. Watt made one of these children's favorite superheroes come to life and at the same time, gave them the chance to meet an actual football star. Being a football fan myself, what Watt did was truly amazing and to know that he wasn't asked to do this at all, and did it just for the sake of making these kids smile, is even better.

Nothing's more fun than getting into the spirit of Halloween! Now we finally have an excuse to attempt that deep Christian Bale Batman voice and run around the city while saying "I'm Batman" to everybody for anything (Totally didn't do that).

You can check out Watt's visit right here!

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