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Don't get me wrong. I love superhero movies and T.V. shows. The CW is killing it with its DC properties. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just keeps getting better and better. And I can't wait for both Supergirl on CBS and Jessica Jones on Netflix. But I started wondering something.

Why Are We Getting So Many Comic Book Adaptions?

And I am not crazy in thinking that there is a lot. Den of Geek has compiled a list of shows. If you put all the show coming, established, and in development and there are Over 40 shows. That is A Lot.

So, why are we getting so many? I got a few ideas.

There Are So Many Great Ideas in Comics and in So Many Genres!

From Y: The Last Man, a comic about the last man on Earth and his monkey after something wipes out everything else with a Y chromosome, to Lucifer, about the devil owning a nightclub, there are a lot of different of comics. And a lot of them are not considered 'superhero' comics. Even one of the most watched shows, AMC's The Walking Dead, is based off a comic. There is just so many options for shows, that, of course, networks are looking towards comics to get ideas.

And why shouldn't they/ If they didn't, we wouldn't have The Flash or The Walking Dead. We wouldn't have Daredevil. If they can go to books, why can't they go to comic books?

Comic Books Have A Built-in Fan Base and Are a Safer Bet

If you were running a network, would rather have a) a new IP (intellectual Property) that is a risk and no preexisting fans, or b) something that already has a long history and thousand to millions of fans? Whether you like it or not, b is the more attractive option. A comic book almost guarantees an audience. It may not be the biggest audience, but it could be a vocal one.

With shows costing more to produce every year, it makes sense that networks would want something that had a better chance of succeeding. That defiantly does mean they will. Just look at Constantine or the 2011 Wonder Women. But it still is a safer bet.

Comic Book Adaptions Have Never Been Bigger

With comic book movies being bigger than ever, it makes sense that comic book t.v. shows are getting bigger. And ever since Arrow became a hit for The CW, most networks have been trying get their hands on a comic book adaption. HBO is looking at possibly making a Watchmen t.v series while Fox grabbed Gotham last year. CBS is even trying their hand at Supergirl later this month. NBC tried last year with Constantine, but that was quickly cancelled. AMC and FX have their shows, while ABC and Netflix are connecting to the Marvel movies with their shows. Even TNT is trying to make a Teen Titan show.

As long as comic book movies are around, so will too the comic book t.v. shows.

There you have it. My three reason why we are getting so many comic book adaptions. So we are your reasons? And while we are at it, what are your favorite comic books t.v. adaptions?


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