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The Story:

The team slowly tries to rebuild, but Diggle maintains his anger towards Oliver. After witnessing Thea nearly killing a ghost in the previous episode, Oliver keeps a close eye on his sister. The effects from the Pit of Lazarus are slowly giving her blood lust. Oliver tries to convince Lance to let Team Arrow take care of the new villain in town named Lonnie Machin. Machin is hired by Damian to wreck havoc on the city, but does not approve of the way he does it. Felicity, who is now the the head of Ray's company befriends Curtis Holt, an inventor. An old family friend of the Queens named Jessica Danforth and her daughter visits them, telling them she intends to run for Mayor. She is attacked during her announcement and her daughter is kidnapped shortly after. While trying to track Machin Oliver watches in horror as Thea breaks the arm of a witness. He takes her back to their base and after a brief struggle he explains to her that her behavior is due to the Pit. She storms out in anger blaming him for her condition. They are able to trace Machin down and save Jessica's daughter. After defeating Machin Thea lights him on fire, seemingly burning him alive. It is revealed that he is alive, but severely burned, as he escapes police custody on the way to the hospital. Thea, wanting to take a break from crime fighting goes with Laurel who tells Oliver they are going on a spa retreat. In reality she intends to bring back Sara with the Pit, using Thea to gain them entrance to Nanda Parbat, now run by her father Malcolm Merlyn. Oliver tells Felicity that he is running for Mayor. In the flash backs, Oliver is seen infiltrating a military operation where after being captured, is recruited by a man named Reiter.

The Action:

There were some pretty cool sequences and fights in this one. Watching Thea take on multiple thugs at once is awesome. Then we have the showdown with Machin who actually stood his ground against these two. Up until he got burned alive of course. I would definitely like to see more of him again because even though that fight was short, he's someone that actually gave them a hard time.

New Characters/Cameos:

Curtis Holt- His character is based of of Mister Terrific. He probably won't be suiting up anytime soon, but I'm sure he will down the line, should Arrow be extended for a couple more seasons. Once he was introduced I could tell already I was going to like his character. Could the new tech he is developing be his T-Spheres? Is he the one who will somehow bring Ray back after finding out the microverse. He definitely has the brain to do that, so one can dream right.

Lonnie Machin- Anarky has arrived! At least, this is where his part in the Arrowverse begins. I was a bit upset after he was set on fire and thought he was dead, but then boom! He actually ended getting away. Could we see him in a costume resembling his comic book counterpart? My guess is we will see some sort of variation.

Character Interactions:

Team Arrow- The team is not yet back in full force. With Diggle still giving the cold shoulder, Thea being the loose cannon on the team, Laurel wanting to bring back her sister,Felicity trying to keep Ray's legacy going, and Oliver trying to get everything back to normal; it seems like Team Arrow is slightly broken. They are good enough to function, but not exactly working like a well oiled machine. Darkh times are coming, and they need to get their stuff together, soon.

Oliver and Thea- There is something in the water at Nanda Parbat. We all knew it was about time until Thea would start going berserk. Speedy was a bit of a trouble child while Oliver was away in previous seasons, but that due to her drug addictions. Now she's got some sort of darkness that came out with her in the pit. She nearly tore his face off when they had the confrontation at the base and some harsh words were exchanged. Let's see how Ollie gets his sister back from this.

Felicity and Curtis- These two are besties and they don't even know it yet. Finally someone who actually has the mental capacity that Felicity has, since Ray. They had some pretty funny scenes together. It was really cool of Felicity to stand up for him and to trust him in developing new tech. I can not wait to see more scenes with these two.

Oliver and Detective Lance- He let Ollie and his team do their hero thing and what do they get for it: another verbal beat down for no reason again. It's getting a little harder to understand his character and why he is still like that. Oliver was civil throughout all their meetings and had nothing but spit in his face. Let Detective Lance and his department handle the problems of the city for a bit and let's see where that gets them.....oh wait.....

Oliver and Diggle- Still no broments with these two so far which is sad. Can't they all just get along!

Damian and Lance- Detective Lance can trash talk Team Arrow all day, but Damian wasn't having any of that. I know he's a bad guy, but someone has to put Lance in his place. Shouldn't have gotten in to bed with this guy Detective, you just dug your own grave.

Laurel and Thea- They kick ass together and they get manicures together. Seeing these two get closer is interesting and I'd like to think that she isn't just going to just use Thea to get to the pit. I want Sara back just as much as she does, but keeping something like this from Oliver, well......have secrets ever been a good thing for anyone on this show?

What's to come/Theories:

JR Bourne is coming to town as Double Down from the previews. An energy charged, card throwing (the cards are actually part of his body) criminal going toe to toe with Arrow. Bring it on.That alone got me excited for next week. Hopefully we also get to see Laurel and Thea say hi to Malcolm at Nanda Parabat. We are finally going to see some more metas on the show and I say that's the way to go. It gives Arrow the much needed change we all know it kind of needed in order to continue the story.

Final Thoughts:

Two episodes in and Arrow has already begun to make me love it again. With a revamped Green Arrow and a pretty formidable villain for them to face, I think they are finally doing it right. What did you think about this episode? Leave it in the comments below, we'd love to read them!


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