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Warning for the UK.

If anyone got into the movie Limitless, which some of you did sine it doubled its budget at the box office, then the new TV show will be a pleasant surprise. I will admit that personally I was skeptical at first. I mean the film itself was so good I thought that it could not get half as good with the adaptation to the air waves. Was I wrong. Without getting too spoilery, the premise is a new guy is offered one of the pills by a guy he knew from school. They then do the classic meeting at the restaurant where he gets the pill, and it starts to change him. When he goes to get more of these magic pills, something goes terribly wrong. These are a few reason that I notices why anyone who liked the movie will be eager to get into the show.

1. Cinematics are reminiscent of the film lighting

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but whenever Cooper was on NZT it was as if, “I was blind but now I see.” The lighting changed and it was obvious that he was in a different place, and had a new outlook on the world around him. This is true in the show.

They have kept this element, and it adds something. I helps the plot progression and shows the audience a little more of what is going on to help set the tone. They have even expanded on this to a degree, and added little elements like a lightbulb going on as if a thought has just occurred to him.

2. Music is cool.

Kind of a feng shui techno deal. It is reminiscent of the film, and personally I think this is good. Music is a big part of why any movie is a success. I looked it up, and they are doing it right. Paul Leonard-Morgan did the music for the film, and he is back for the series. That is all I have to say about that.

3. This series has film tie ins.

Eddie Morra is a name that anyone who remembers the movie will remember well. Bradly Cooper reprises his role in the first episode, and has been recurring in one form or another. I don’t think this is much of a spoiler, since it is in like the first thirty second of the episode, he wins the election.

At this point they are kind of making him a darker character. I am not sure that I like this, but it could be used to make an interesting cliffhanger spin on a season finally. Couldn’t you see that as something that a smartass like him would do? Come off as a bad guy because there is more at stake, and he is working for the greater good. I will be actious to see which is the case, but I hope they don’t make the cool guy out of the movie evil. That would be a real killjoy, but let’s face it, it worked in the Dirty Harry films.

4. Casting choices.

Now I am not the biggest proponent of typecasting, but in this case I think it is a good thing. I will bring up the two most obvious ones that jumped out at me.

Jennifer Carpenter: Agent Rebecca Harris-Dexter

Personally I think this part was just made for her. Let’s recap. She was Dexter’s little sister who worked vise, and had the moth to go with it. She has curved that part of the character for this role, but there are other things from the character which show through. She is open to trying something that will get the job done, and breaking the rules just a little. She and Brian Finch have the kind of sibling dynamic going that she had with her brother in Dexter.

Hill Harper: Agent Spellman Boyle- CSI NY

Well you have Agent Rebecca, and you have this guy. He is the cop that likes to get things done the cop way. It took him a little longer to get on board with having a smartass rock star who is on NZT helping the FBI, but anyone could see the benefits after a while. I think that the character he played on CSI helps him with this part, and is a good balance to the other characters on the show who are not the gritty cop.

Basically I think this is a good one for Netflix if you want to watch it all at once, but if you want to get in on this action the pilot is still up on the network’s site. We will see what happens as it progresses with the characters and the carryovers from the movie. The lore of the Limitless universe is expanding, lets expand our minds and take it all in.


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