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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been the source for much speculation and theories around the internet. One of the rumors the most consistent rumors stated that the peculiar Superman villain, Doomsday, would be making an appearance in the film. So far that has be a widely accepted fact among many, even though it has yet to be confirmed. But today that rumor might have been shut down by this certain key of information.

Potential Spoilers

A 3D creature artist who worked on Batman v Superman, who also works at MPC, posted on Instagram revealing the film has been officially completed... but that's not all. In the comment section you can see he was asked if he worked on the villain Doomsday for the movie. He then replied saying 'no,' and that Doomsday was not in the film at all but could appear in future films. Now, don't take this as official confirmation that Doomsday will not be appearing in the film, as the guy could have only been kidding and didn't want to potentially give away a major spoiler for the film. But then again, he could have accidentally leaked out information he wasn't supposed to and given confirmation that Doomsday won't be in the film at all.

So, if Doomsday wasn't to appear in Batman v Superman, then who could that "final villain" in the film that faces Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman be. Well, there are, of course, theories that Bizzaro could appear; or Amazo, Superman robots, or even Lex in his warsuit. Who knows, all we know is that there will be a main threat in Batman v Superman, regardless of who it is. We can't tell whether the guy was serious or not, so for now we will just have to take it as a rumor. But I'm positive sooner rather than later we will get a hint of evidence on who the mystery villain of the film is.

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Is Doomsday the Villain for 'Batman v Superman'?
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