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The superhero genre could possibly have the largest following in the world right now, and if you're a giant fanboy like me, then you think you know everything about these characters. With the development of the largest movie empire based off of the classic characters we grew up loving, we tend to keep up with the actors in our favorite roles, right? Well, I'm here to see how much you've paid attention to your superheroes! Good luck and I hope you enjoy!


Let's start with an easy one. Which franchise has Ryan Reynolds been a part of?

Answer: Hal Jordan in Green Lantern (DC) and Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Marvel)


On to the next person. Which one of these franchises has legendary actor Marlon Brando been a part of?

Answer: Jor-El in almost all of the Superman films (DC)


Tim Robbins?

Answer: He was in Howard the Duck (Marvel) and Green Lantern (DC)


Norman Reedus?

Answer: Spud in Blade 2 (Marvel)


Keanu Reeves?

Answer: John Constantine in 2005's Constantine (DC)


Chris Pine?

Answer: Though he has been in talks to play Steve Trevor, he hasn't played anything yet! (Neither)


Daniel Dae Kim?

Answer: He had a small role as a soldier in 2003's Hulk (Marvel)


Andrew Lincoln?

Answer: Although he's been considered for the legendary character of Batman to Mr. Fantastic, he hasn't taken on any superhero roles yet (Neither)


Hugo Weaving?

Answer: Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger (Marvel) and V in V for Vendetta (DC)


Jake Gyllenhaal?

Answer: We can only hope (Neither)

How many did you get right?

8-10: You're a superhero yourself! You know all there is to know about the actors in your favorite superhero movies - and for that you have gained my respect!

5-7: You're a sidekick! You don't know the most about these types of things, but you can hold your own in a battle of superhero-themed wits!

2-4: You're a supporting character! You don't know the most about comic book movies, but you're obviously interested enough in the genre to know some of these things!

0-1: Hmmm, perhaps you don't know as much about this genre as you thought? Go catch up on your superhero movies and see what all the hype is about.


How did you do?


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