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Sean Rawlinson

Marvel just announced the release of Ant-Man on Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital SD and VOD for December 8th, with Digital HD and Digital 3D arriving early on November 17.

It comes with usual assortment of special features to be expected with a Marvel release such as deleted scenes, gag reels, behind-the-scenes footage and featurettes, but something stuck out like a sore thumb; no Marvel One-Shot.

Given that there were three shorts made during Phase One, it makes sense given the same amount of films in Phase Two to continue this trend by including a short film with Ant-Man, like The Avengers had Item 47 on blu-ray.

There was speculation at Over Mental that Marvel might use a deleted opening sequence that features Hank Pym as the original Ant-Man on a mission that was very different in tone compared to the rest of the film. It stood alone, so it would make sense to use that footage. Finish the VFX, bring Michael Douglas in for another scene or two, and ship it out with Ant-Man.

With all of the extended Marvel Cinematic Universe unfolding on various tv series' and eleven films in Phase Three, will we continue to see a decline in Marvel One-Shots? Or is this a minor setback?


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