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Okay...'Superheroes' might be a stretch...

Misfits, the British drama-comedy series, revolved around a group of young offenders who are imbued with supernatural powers resulting from a freak electrical storm. During it's run from 2009-2013, the show gained a cult-following and critical acclaim in England. However, on the American side of the pond, the show failed to make a significant impact.

Sure, the show was on the niche side, and definitely different from superhero fare of today, but here's why everyone needs to binge this show:

Caution: explicit language below.

1. They set a good example.

2. They're also incredibly perceptive.

3. They appreciate their self-worth.

4. They stand up for themselves.

5. Always.

6. They aren't crude. Just honest!

7. About everything.

8. They tell it like it is.

9. There are so many good things about this show.

10. Like Kelly.

11. And Nathan.

12. And Rudy.

13. And Alisha.

Just FYI, her power is that she can make people super horny by touching them. Take that, Avengers!

14. Speaking of powers...

15. They are used only for good.

16. Seriously! Kelly goes back in time to beat up Hitler!

17. And speaking of bad guys...

His power is that he can control dairy products...

18. And he's an absolute psycho.

I'd like to see the Joker kill someone with cream cheese.

19. And so is this guy...

I still have nightmares about Rudy's alter ego.


21. And evil probation workers!

22. There are a lot of probation workers...

23. And unfortunately, they don't last very long on the show...

24. At all...

25. Ever...

26. Seriously...this show has some issues with probation workers.

27. But through thick-

28. And thin-

29. All they want is a happy ending.

The show actually has some genuinely sweet moments.

30. Because at the end of the day...they're just spectacular people.


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