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As the title suggests, I will be going over and ranking my top 5 Marvel Studios Movies from the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This list will not include Sony's Spider-man, nor Fox's X-Men or Fantastic Four, this list is strictly Marvel Studios. Now, Since we got that out of the way, here we go. Enjoy!

Number 5: Thor

Thor was once thought to be an impossible hero to pull off in live action (See The 70s Hulk TV SHOW for reference). This was one of the first films in the MCU, and thus being one of the very important building blocks, that if not executed properly, would have killed the Marvel Franchise, and possibly the super-hero genre as we know it today.

Number 4: Avengers-Age Of Ultron

Coming off of the both Critical and Financial Success of The Avengers, this film had extremely high and nearly unfair amount of expectation to meet. This film unfortunately didn't meet exactly what the fans wanted, but was still such a damn good movie that it still earned the number 4 slot on this list.

Number 3: Iron Man

2008's Iron Man was the first film in the MCU, and arguably one of the best Marvel movies made to date. This was the first time since Superman III (lol) that we have seen a Superhero deal with real life problems like sex addiction, alcoholism, and PTSD. This movie managed to take all of these seemingly dark qualities and put them all together to make a fun, yet flawed superhero in a fun and nearly perfect movie.

Number 2: The Avengers

The Avengers was a ground-breaking movie that allowed fanboys of the movies, and comic book geeks alike have their dreams come true by allowing all of the movies to interract with eachother in a tightly woven story that benefits all of the characters and their solo movies while still making an entertaining movie for those that have not seen the other MCU movies at the time. That was an extremely long run-on sentence that my fourth-grade teacher would have killed me onto number 1.

Number 1: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy was a property that even comic book geeks had never heard of. Marvel managed to take this crazy plot with crazy characters and make the best sci-fi/fantasy movie since Return of the Jedi. This movie had a distinct feel to it that made viewers want to cry, laugh, and cry because you laugh, that only Marvel could pull off perfectly. This movie just goes to show that if you made a movie called: Kevin Feige Takes a Dump, and stick a marvel logo on it it will be a thoroughly entertaining movie.

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