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Recently, the Marvel Universe has been in talks about the next upcoming Inhumans movie but this Fast and Furious star has been hinting for another role within the cinematic universe. Vin Diesel, who we all know as Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy has been wanting to play other roles within the Marvel Universe.

Recently, Diesel has been hinting that he's been preparing to take on the role of Black Bolt in Marvel's upcoming movie, Inhumans which is slated for release in 2019. If anyone is familiar with Black Bolt from Inhumans, he has the ability to unleash devastating shockwaves that can level an entire city.

In a recent interview with IGN, Diesel performs a "silent" audition for the role, ending it with a remark:

"If I said one word, I would level all of London".

Diesel said in the interview with IGN that after Groot, he wishes to pursue other roles within Marvel and that he is in active talks with Marvel head, Kevin Feige about his upcoming role.

"It would be... put it this way, when Kevin Feige started talking to me about... who would ever think? A voice for one thing and presence for another would be pretty genius – it'd be pretty genius. Whenever my father sends me an email, at the end of it he says 'stay human' – and it's cool and beautiful, but what is he really trying to say. Is he trying to say I've been affected by Terrigen Mist? Does he want to cocoon me again?"

Vin Diesel seems to know what it will take to play this character even knowing the lore of Inhumans or if you've been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Terrigen Mist is the substance that can alter the Inhuman biology and grant them super abilities. Although no confirmations have been made yet, it seems that we might be seeing Vin Diesel again in the Marvel Universe as Black Bolt.

Check out Vin Diesel's full interview here.

Inhumans is slated for release in 2019. You can check out Vin Diesel in his latest role as Kaulder in The Last Witch Hunter out in theaters on October 25, 2015.


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