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Beci Taylor

The walking dead is probably the best show on TV at the moment. That is unless you live in the uk. We have to watch it a whole 24 hours after the USA which is fine if you know how to play it, here is my survival guide for surviving the 24 hour gap between countries.

1, avoid social media, quite simply if you don't want to know who died or what happened don't go on any social media.

2, if like me your too nosey to avoid social media I suppose you have 2 options. Firstly, remove all amc or twd accounts you follow or secondly, just scroll past them

3, ok let's just say your far too nosey to do the above and you click on an amc post that actually gives nothing away, but the comments do!

I can promise you now the comments really do give away what's happened so if you don't want to know don't read them.

Just try not to comment by saying "thanks for ruining it with your comments I've not seen it yet as I live in the uk" because if you comment that, it makes you worse than the people who wrote R.I.P whoever, simply because you knew comments contain spoilers. Don't be stupid about it just don't do it.

Now and only now you should have read enough common sense not to ruin the best show around for yourself.

Thank me later and enjoy twd in surprise.


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