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marcus mcmillon

Oh yes, this will upset some and should be embraced by many. In the new All New All Different Avengers #4 Jane Foster (Thor) and Sam Wilson (Captain America) kissed. For me, this is a fantastic move as I think having interracial couples in comics sends a positive message.

For years, most of the relationships in comics have very much been same race couples. For example, Black Widow and Winter Soldier, Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Even in the movies, we never see a mixed race couple. Now we are seeing exactly what Marvel promised us fans....more diversity.

Jane Foster as Thor.
Sam Wilson as Captain America.

Although we will not be seeing this issue until January 2016, it's really exciting to see what is in store for this couple. Both characters have been well received by critics and fans alike. This new direction is a brilliant one by Marvel that two mainstream superheros, one black one female, can break the "Norm" and start a possible relationship.

Good luck to them both.


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