ByNick Pietri, writer at

Jack and Jill's Haunted Hill started out a small neighborhood haunt that evolved into so much more. Years ago the fire department shut them down and they were forced to either never open again or go commercial, lucky for us, it was the latter that owner Jackson Keith decided to choose. Now, after being open only four years commercially, JJHH has become one of the biggest contenders in Arizona. From the dark mine shafts, to the creepy forest, to the unrelenting house, the scares never stop. The second you take that first step into the Hilltop Mine, you know there is something different about this one. Never breaking character, the actors astound you with how deep the make these brutal scenes straight from their twisted minds. With the variety of scares this house offers, you will never experience the same thing twice. The cast will always find a new way to scare you each time you enter and are always improving. If you want a good scare this Halloween, find Jack and Jill's at Phoenix Indoor Karting on 3401 W. Greenway rd.


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