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Big walking dead fan, but here is the scoop. From walking dead fanatics would like and not like to see in the show: 1. You kill of Darrell you will lose 85% of viewers I know that watch it. Yes he is not a original character in the comics but you portray him so well in the show. 2. Rick can not die, unless you kill off lil ass kicker, why because only way Rick should die is killing himself for the loss of his baby. Not by a walker. 3. Carl should not die, but make him crazy insane and the next leader of the group, I say hell yes there would be so many directions you could go with that. 4. Now I love mishonne, but she has outplayed her role, she should be killed off by Carl that would open so many questions and my friends, would not know what hit them. Hell you could make it a accident so there friendship can stay in tact or make it on purpose because she defied him either way would be awesome. 5. Now Glenn is tricky I know you guys are going to kill him off people are expecting that if you don't then people would get bored but will still watch, unless some way you can make him more active I mean fighting wise, and make him stop questioning himself and just do first thing that comes to mind, like killing the dude that tried to kill him duh that would of been awesome, but you are playing him still out to be a protector BORING. Maybe killing off his wife would work,she could get bit by a walker going out on a run with someone no one important maybe a extra, and Glenn blames them and goes crazy on them and eventually kills them. 6. Now carol is not all that popular with people I know are walking dead fanatics, for real we all know what you have in store, if people don't then there idiots your playing her down in Alexandria then in one instance by tricking everybody she becomes a badder bad ass, surprising people in Alexandria and they try and exile her because they are confused or what say you and she fires back, which in turn make her original group take over possibly after the zombie attacks but befor the wolverine attacks. STUPID creators writers directors producers you kept her around way to long she should of died at terminus just saying, you know what would be awesome if Morgan confronts her about her ways he knows she is up to no good she retaliates and Morgan kills her, but the twist Darrell finds out or walks in right at the moment, and he gets ready to kill Morgan then the wolverines attack, and Darrell says something like this is not over or something. Thanks for reading


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