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Colleen McCall Guillory

I'm a die hard twilight fan and have been forever. My daughter and niece and even a few guys I got to like it! Lol as I think your attempt to write from Edwards point of view, I think you should avoid that all together. We already know what happens and we can pretty much figure out how it will go etc. I feel if you wrote an additional book moving forward into the future of the Cullen's. Like ness growing up and the future she has with Jacob and something new that may be a new threat to now calmness we thought it was going to stay. There's all kinds of angles to go. What if Jacob and ness have a baby or the Voltaire have some new greed that has come into their heads. It would be nice to move on verses Rewriting the past. Just my opinion. Love your work. I have dreams of things all the time. I wish I had put them on paper cause I could have made some really good books. I dreamt Daybreakers 6 years +- and when it came out in movies I about had a heart attack. I was maxed how it was exactly like my dream for the most part. Lol

good luck in your new adventures


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