ByRyan Bliss, writer at
Ryan Bliss

Sex is everywhere. We see it in films, in TV shows, in TV commercials, on ads, on labels, etc. It's been a known fact that sex sells for quite some time.

As with most things, there's an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. We take all this sex in stride and don't think about the reality of what goes on behind the scenes. We don't realize all the people that are exploited or forced to partake in such endeavors. We assume they must have wanted to do it if they did it.

Did you perform most of YOUR job duties because you wanted to OR because your boss expected you too? Have you done things at work you hated because you know you need the money? Of course, we all have. That's why we call it work, rather than calling it fun or a hobby. That's an angle that many don't think about.

I find the exploitation of sex to be disturbing. Not only does it put people in precarious positions, but it speaks volumes about the industries involved in using sex to sell. In my opinion, it shows they're initially selling something that sucks. If you have something with substance, it would stand on it's own two legs. It wouldn't need sex as a crutch.

I wouldn't expect my daughter to reveal herself because someone wants to sell crap that noone would buy otherwise. Would you?


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